Essay on The Day I Got Lost in A Shopping Mall

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Mall is a place where people go for shopping or to pass time or to just have fun. Malls are equipped with so many things that a person can spend the whole day there and can completely lose track of time. Each day a mall gets thousands and thousands of visitors.

Malls are generally big buildings with three to four floors along with an underground floor. There are many twists and turns in a mall’s floor and it is really easy to get lost there.

Malls generally consists of numerous number of shops at a floor and because of that, people often lose their way and end up roaming around the same place twice or thrice. It happens even with adults and there is nothing to be ashamed of in this situation as people don’t have control over these things.

Even the workers of the mall know this fact and so they usually provide a directory of the shops in each floor. However, every mall is not equipped with this facility especially the mall in which I got lost once.

I was never a city girl as I grew up in village areas so a city was a wondrous place for me. For higher education my father brought me to the city. After staying in the city for a few weeks, my father took me to a shopping mall for the first time in my life.

I had no idea about what a mall or shopping mall is, so generally I was curious about it. I was confused when father took me inside a large and tall building.

At that time, I was thinking that what is my father doing and why is he taking me to a building which is probably an office but did not say anything out loud as I figured that he definitely knows where is he going.

When I first entered and the security came to check me, I was surprised. I had no idea what they were doing but saw everyone going through the process, so I did too.

After going inside, my jaw dropped. The first thing that came to my mind was flashy as everywhere I looked, there were lights and everything looked flashy.

I was looking everywhere with wonder and thinking that I am probably in a royal palace or something like that. I was trailing behind my father and didn’t realize when I lost sight of my father.

When I came back to my senses, I realized that I am standing in the middle of the lobby and cannot find my father anywhere. I generally panicked. I mean that’s what a person who is new in the city does. Wherever I looked, all I could see was people, tons of people.

I was standing in between the sea of people and had no idea about what I should do. I was generally scared and panicking wasn’t helping my situation at all. I tried to clear my head and think of possible ways by which I can find my father.

At that time people didn’t use to have mobile phones with them, so I couldn’t just go to a person and ask them to make a call to father.

But that’s what I did. I went forward and ask a person to call my father and as my luck went that day, that person didn’t have a mobile phone with him, so he couldn’t help me out.

I never thought that I will be lost in an unknown place and especially a place that is so crowded that it is almost impossible to find someone once you lost sight of them.

I was sure about one thing that my father is already looking for me and that thought gave me a little comfort. Shopping malls generally consists of multiple number of floors and in my case I was lost on the first floor only after ten minutes of entering the big building with multiple shops and numerous number of lights everywhere.

The crowed push me towards the entrance of a shop where “Shopper Stop” was written in big bold words. I stood beside the entrance and started looking around for my father but couldn’t find him anywhere. Some time passed and still there was no sign of my father anywhere, so I started crying.

The security guard of the shop saw me crying for some time and came towards me and asked what is wrong and why you are crying. When I explained my situation to him, he immediately called for another security guard on his walkie-talkie and explained the situation.

After five minutes another guard came and took me to the mall’s office. There the people calmed me down and took my father’s phone number from me and called him up.

After informing my father of my whereabouts, they sat with me and gave me a chocolate so that I won’t cry anymore. Within ten minutes my father came to the office with a security guard.

There I found out that when my father realized I was missing, he tried to find me but failed. So, he after contemplating about what he should do, he went to talk to a security guard about the situation. While he was talking with him, the phone call from the mall’s security office went to him.

The security guard came along with my father. After looking at my father for the first time after being lost, I was relieved. In fact, I was so relieved that I started to cry again and at that time my father along with other security guards comfort me.

The experience was really scary for me but it also gave me a lesson that no matter what the situation is, a person should not panic as it does not solve the situation at all but it definitely makes it worse.

My father later jokingly told me that if I ever get lost in a shopping mall again, my father will go straight to the security office and after going there he will see that I am sitting there with a chocolate clutch in my hand along with the head security in charge of that place.

After that experience I also realized that it is easy to get lost in a shopping mall. As a matter of fact, it is scarily easy.

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