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Life is an adventure and we all should live it to the fullest. My life has changed pretty much since I joined college and the experience has been nothing but amazing.  

I get up by 6’o clock in the morning. Though I love sleeping and crashing on the bed for a sound sleep, I have to get up or else I get late for the college. Then I advance towards the rest room. I take my much needed shower, brush my teeth and change into a new pair of clothes. Believe me selecting clothes from a wardrobe is next to impossible.

BrushingEmbarrassing I know. It takes me a lot of time to change my clothes due to the dilemma I am faced with every day. I take a light breakfast after that consisting of milk and sandwiches. Somehow I get ready by almost 8’o clock and leave for the college.  

 My college is Sri Guru Gobind Singh College of commerce and it is a distance of about 5 kms from my place. It takes me about 15-30 minutes to reach the place depending upon the traffic and the medium used to commute.

My college is accessible via bus, metro, car and even the gramin seva. I reach the college by 8:35 or 8:40. The guard at the entrance checks my admission slip which should be stamped by accounts section. And only then does he let anybody in.  

I enter the college gates and move to my classroom which is in the PG block. PG block is dedicated solely to the students of BBE and BMS. Our classroom is spacious and airy. It overlooks a big garden which keeps my mind fresh in boring lectures.

At around 8:45, my first lecture starts. Teachers are never on time in DU and they come by 9’o clock taking their own sweet time. After the attendance takes place, which has more of proxies than real attendance, the lecture actually starts. The lecture goes by in a spur of a second.  

 At 9:45, our second lecture commences. After attendance, she sets out to teach her subject. The class ends at 10:45. My next class is a bit far away and I have to cross my whole college to reach there.

That class is a shared class with students of different courses coming together to study the general elective subject they have opted for. I sit with another group of friends in this class. The chatting, giggling and bustling of the college never stops. It seems to go on and on forever.  

 After we are dispersed from the general elective class, I make my way towards beggar’s point for my break. Beggar’s point is a sort of square which has been named so because at all times somebody or the other is sitting on the floor there.

It is a lively place with people playing games and laughing heartily. I, with my group of friends go to the canteen to stuff our stomachs with food. Our canteen has also tied up with Cafe Coffee Day who have their kiosk as well in the college. After catching up with my friends and eating something, I move out to attend my fourth lecture.  

My last lecture is generally of English. I love that lecture because the teacher is good. I have also quite made some friends at college. I have also joined the Editorial Board of my college. After my lecture is over, I make my way over to home or I just go about roaming with my friends after the college ends.  

Having Breakfast I reach my home at about 2 or 3 in the afternoon. As soon as I come back, I change into some comfortable clothing and head over to restroom to freshen up myself. After that my mom serves me with hot and tasty lunch which I just gulp away in no time.  

 Now-a-days I have just bagged an internship through Internshala. I have to write articles for my employer. This task keeps me busy. Along with studying for college and writing for the internship, I keep on looking for any opportunities I can get my hands on.

My mom then pushes me off to my aerobics classes which I am otherwise reluctant to go. In evening I go for a stroll with my friends and grab up something tasty to eat. Momos are my favourite and they are my absolute love. After I return back home, I have my dinner which is again absolutely mouthwatering.  

I live in a joint family. I love spending time with other members of my house. So generally after dinner, I go downstairs to sit with my grandparents to hear a story or two from their days. This part of my day is the most awaited part and I love being with my grandparents.

I sometimes feel that this exercise also helps them. It makes them feel that they are wanted. It satisfies them when they have someone to talk to. Old age makes people cranky but if we just joke around with our grandparents, they might be able to bear the brunt of the age in a better manner.  

After spending some time with them, I look for my aunt who lives just downstairs. She has two kids and my favourite one is the small kiddo. He is a calm and collected child. He is very observant for his age. He is just 5 and so adorable.

He loves me more than anything else and he just comes crashing into me whenever he sees me. I love him a lot. I spend time with him, playing with him and listening to his stories. I make small talk with my aunt and then I come back over to my mother. We sometimes play a game of ludo together. It is our favourite past time.  

 I study a bit after that and complete all my assignments which are pending. Then I just retire for the day in hopes of a beautiful tomorrow. I believe that life isn’t a bed of roses and we should work hard to achieve success in our life.

I am a career oriented girl and I want to build my career without any body’s help or sympathy. Life is meant to be lived the fullest. I never want to miss out on anything just because I was studying. I want to enjoy my life to the maximum and explore every arena for beautiful memories ahead. 

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