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Country Czech Republic
Continent Europe
Location 49.81750 N, 15.47300 E
Map of Czech Republic  Map of Czech Republic
Flag  Czech Republic flag
Area 78,866 km²
Neighboring Countries Austria










Bosnia and Herzegovina

San Marino














Time Zone CET (UTC +1)


Population 10.55 million (2017)
Symbol  Czech Republic symbol
Founded Date January 1st, 1993
President of Czech Republic Milos Zeman
Prime Minister of Czech Republic Bohuslav Sobotka
National Anthem ‘’Kde domov muj (Where is my home)’’
Motto ‘’Pravda vitezi (Truth prevails)’’
National Animal Double-tailed Lion
National Tree Lime Tree
National Flower Rose (Rosa)
National Drink Becherovka
National Dish Svickova
National Poet Karel Hynek Macha
Popular Sports Football (Soccer)

Ice Hockey

Volley ball



National Dance Polka
National Language Czech
Seasons in Czech Republic Autumn Season

Spring Season

Summer Season

Winter Season

Prestigious Awards of Czech Republic Military Awards – Medal of Merit, Cross of Merit

Civilian Awards – Medal of Merit

Cinema Award – Karlovy Vary International Film Festival, Crystal Globe

Religion in Czech Republic Non-Religious (86.7%)

Roman Catholic (10.4%)

Other Christians (2.2%)

Other Religions (0.7%)

Average Marriage age in Czech Republic 31.4 years for men and 28.7 years for women
Capital Prague (500 05’N 14028’E)
Number of Districts 76 Districts
Largest District in Czech Republic Prague District
Smallest District in Czech Republic Jesenik
Number of Regions 14 Regions
Largest Region in Czech Republic Prague
Smallest Region in Czech Republic Zlin
Number of Cities 24 Cities
Largest City in Czech Republic Prague
Smallest City in Czech Republic Mlada Boleslav
Literacy rate 99% (males)

99% (females)

Type of Government Republic

Parliamentary Republic

GDP PPP – $368.659 billion (2017)

Nominal – $196.068 billion (2017)

GDP per capita $34,849 (2017)
Currency Czech koruna (CZK)
Calling Code  +420
Internet TLD .cz
ISO 3166 code CZ
Festivals of Czech Republic Beltine Festival of Celtic Culture

Burning of the Witches


Prague Spring International Music Festival

Summer Shakespeare Festival

United Islands of Prague Festival

Highland Games

Harvest Festival

Prague Autumn International Music Festival

Verdi Festival

Velvet Revolution

Devil and Saint Nicholas

Historic Sites Gardens and Castle at Kromeriz

Historic Centre of Cesky Krumlov

Historic Centre of Prague

Historic Centre of Telc

Holasovice Historical Village Reservation

Holy Trinity Column in Olomouc

Jewish Quarter and St Procopius Basilica in Trebic

Kutna Hora

Lednice-Valtice Cultural Landscape

Litomysl Castle

Pilgrimage Church of St John of Nepomuk at Zelena Hora

Tugendhat Villa in Brno

Protected Areas in Czech Republic 4 National Parks

25 Protected Landscape Areas

Longest River in Czech Republic Vltava River
Longest Bridge in Czech Republic Charles Bridge
Longest Railway Station Prague Main Railway Station
Largest Lake Cerne Jezero Lake
Highest Mountain in Czech Republic Snezka
Biggest Dam in Czech Republic Lipno Dam
Biggest Waterfall in Czech Republic Mumlavsky Waterfall
Tallest Building in Czech Republic AZ Tower
Richest person of Czech Republic Petr Kellner
Best places to visit in Czech Republic Prague

Cesky Krumlov

Kutna Hora

Karlovy Vary

Castle Karlstejn




Moravian Karst


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