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What is Courage?

If we go to see for the actual or literal meaning of courage, it refers to “an act of bravery or to do a challenging task without being afraid”. Now, when we speak of doing a challenging or a difficult task that does not mean to go and act rashly or do some unlawful thing.

A courageous act can be a small act also which is done when a person overcomes his fear and then goes and performs the act. It can be anything, for example, a small girl who loves dancing but is afraid of the stage where she must perform. When she overcomes her fear and becomes brave enough to perform her dance, it is called a courageous act.

Why is Courage Important?

To be courageous or to have that much confidence to overcome our fear is courage. We fight our fear in our daily lives as well. For example, when a person goes for an interview, he or she will feel some kind of nervousness or anxiety or insecurity about his/ her skills.

These feelings and the emotional state of mind can affect one’s behavior and therefore, have a bad effect on his/ her interview. Therefore, it can be said that being courageous enough to make use of the given opportunity is a very essential factor in today’s world of competition.

We all know the hardships faced by every working person in our country. The hardships regarding studies, career, a person having a very good (but stressful) job, etc. all require some or the other courageous input to achieve the goal.

Even the first day of our college needs us to gather up some courage and make some good self-introduction and make some friends. The first impression is the best (or the last) impression. This is the most famous saying and therefore, we need to have enough courage to stand up for ourselves and make an impression.

Now, as there are some above mentioned situations where we need courage for our own benefit, similarly, there are other situations where we need to be brave, not for our benefit but for the entire society or our environment, etc.

For example, it takes courage for a person to fight against the injustice faced by him or his fellow companion. The best example of this can be of the farmers. Today’s situation of the farmers’ financial condition and the ongoing summer season is going to take a heavy toll on the farmer to earn the daily bread.

To fight against this condition, they need many things but courage will be the most basic thing required by all to at least stand up against the situation and demand for their rights.

There are many other unjust events happening in our daily lives, for example, eve teasing, a very bad aspect of today’s modern world. A girl has to face such rude and humiliating behavior everyday and neither the girl says anything against it nor does the people around her come to her aid to support if she is courageous enough to oppose to such public humiliation.

This is the real problem that is along with courage, one needs proper support and guidance to fight such events and bring out a change for the betterment of the society.

All these were examples of how a person needs courage and proper morals to fight for the injustice faced by himself and others. It is very difficult to keep up your morals and therefore, gather up the necessary courage to fight against the wrong situations.

Therefore, in todays date, it is even rarer to find a person with the proper morals required to live a satisfactory life.

Another aspect of having courage comes with adventurous activities. This type of courage is required to go on carrying physical adventurous activities. Many people of scared of adventures and therefore, they do not know how exhilarating it feels after completing the adventurous tasks or activity.

For example, a person wants to go scuba diving or sky diving but is afraid of the water or the height and the speed or maybe the pressure or anything which he finds will hurt him physically. Now, a person needs courage to overcome this fear and therefore, go ahead and live that adventure.

No third person is involved in pushing away one’s fear in case of such physical activities. The person should be brave enough and should have that mind set, that yes, he needs to jump of the cliff (adventure only) and then only will he be able to live the adventure and enjoy it to the fullest.


There are similar sensitive topics where courage is the need. We have the required strength to fight against the black holes but we do not have enough courage or we do not have the trigger that is needed to fight these social demons as well as our personal fears.

Courage is not a feeling neither is it an emotion, it is a trigger which when triggered with enough force can make wonders and bring in a change in his life as well as in the society to live the better and face the bitter aspects of life.

These are different aspects of life which may include some adventures, some social stressful situations, personal issues, etc. which require courage at both, physical as well as the moral level to overcome the fear and be brave enough to live our lives satisfactorily.

After all, everyone wants to live their life peacefully and without any regrets regarding their lack of courage.

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