Essay on Country Life versus Town Life

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The country life and town life have its own specialty. Both are very different from each other like the poles of this earth. But no matter they have differences, people like each of them for their own choices.

Some people choose to have a country life while for some it is the town life which they want. But both country life and town life has advantages and disadvantages.

Neither the country life nor town life can only have advantages or only disadvantages. Advantages do not come alone in any area. It always brings disadvantages with itself. We cannot say that country life is good and town life is bad. Or town life is good and country life is bad. People consider country life and town life good and bad for their own particular reasons.

We cannot force anyone else to change their opinions about the country life and town life. It depends on where the person is residing. Is it in the country side or in the town? Many times it happens that people who are living a country life wish to have a town life. While the ones who stay in the town wish to have a country life. But it is not easy to shift to a new life so soon.

A person will face a lot of difficulties when they shift to town life from country life or to country life from town life. The latter is not so common. But people these days have been shifting to the town from the country side. There are many facilities which the town has which the country side will not have. Similarly, the country side will have such things which will not be available in the town.

Country life

The country life is known for its nature, calmness and peace. This is the life which God has made for us. The country life is very different from the town life. People work and live with nature. They are not dependent for anyone else for their purpose like the people who stay in town.

People in the country side grow their own fruits and vegetable. They do all the cultivation work by themselves. They survive with whatever the nature has for them. As they themselves grow the fruits and vegetable, they eat everything fresh unlike the medicinal ones in the town.

They work hard in order to manage a living for themselves. There is no pollution in the country side. One can always see cleanliness in the country side. There is greenery everywhere which is good for our health. They are always busy with their work but also spend time with the people around them. They follow the saying- “Early to bed, early to rise. Makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise”.

They always sleep early and get up early. They do not have the accessibility to the advanced technology which people in the town have. But still they know a lot of things. People in the town are so busy in their schedule that they do not have time for each other. But this is not the case in the country side. In the country side, everyone knows each other by face and name. This is why when someone needs any help, everyone comes to rescue or help them.

Country life is all about nature. People living a country life have to face a lot of difficulties because they do not have proper facilities like the educational institutions, hospitals, shops etc. which is obviously the life in town will have. They have to work hard to get all these facilities.

Even for getting water they have to walk miles for it. There are no proper transport facilities in the country side. The roads are not proper. But despite all these when they are tired after the daily hard work; they will always have the family and neighbours at the end of the day.

This makes all the tiredness goes away. There is more happiness and relief when a person relaxes in the lapse of nature. There is nothing better than the peace one gets from nature and hearing the sounds of different animals and birds in the country side.

Town Life

The town life is very advanced from the country life. One can easily get all the facilities. Everything is available in the vicinity. People do not have to walk miles to get something. We can get everything with just a few footsteps away. There is no worry to look for something. The town has proper educational institutions, hospitals, shops and many recreational places. There are proper and good transport facilities.

People can get access different modes of transport very easily. The roads are proper and maintained. People in the town have a lot of job opportunities.

These all are not available for the people who are living a country life. Instead they are the ones who shift to country life for better facilities and opportunities. Even though there so many advantages which the town life has. There is pollution everywhere. We can find noise pollution, air pollution, land pollution. The town is very crowded due to which there is no clean air for people to breathe.

The people in town breathe air which is very polluted. The buildings and houses in the town are every congested. It is like there are only buildings everywhere and no empty place. A person opens the window the house and can see the boundary or the window of the other house.

After one point of time people living a town life get fed up of their life. This is the reason why they search for places where they can get peace from nature. People are always in rush. They do not have time for anyone. People just think about themselves.

They are not helpful like the people in the country side. It is very rarely seen that people know everyone staying in the same colony. Not only this, the families rarely sits together and spends time. Everyone is busy with their own work.

There is not much interaction among the people because everyone is engrossed with the advanced technology. We can see people are always busy with their phones. Due to this the interaction among people has reduced.

Personal experience on the concept of country life and town life

Today, I am living a town life after living in a place for eighteen years where I have spent the life in between. In a simpler way, I have been born and brought in such a place where it is not fully a country life or town life. It is the middle of both country life and town life.

Now, I get things very easily available whatever I want no matter what time it is. This was not the case when I was in my hometown. Looking at the people here in the town sometimes I ponder over about various things of town and country life. I see people rushing here and there for their own work. They do not even have any time for greeting someone.

People here are very dependent on the advanced technology. This does not mean I am against it. But this advancement has taken over people’s life completely. As the people are so much dependent on technology, when anything happens they do not know what to do. They run helter skelter. There is not enough space here. Even one building is attached to another.

The place is so crowded that the people do not have place to keep their own vehicles inside their compound. This indeed makes them park the vehicles on the road in front of the house. This in turn makes the road smaller and many other problems.

Many times I have become claustrophobic that I have broken down for peace and fresh air. There is very less empty place here. This is why people often go near the river side or to the parks to get peace and fresh air during the holidays.

Yes, I am happy living a town life. But many times I get fed up and wish to go to such a place where I am far away from all the crowd and pollution. Whenever I go back home for holidays I feel I have come to a different place. My mind and body gets relaxed.

The place is not so crowded and there are enough places for a person to get peace and fresh air. All these really freshens up my mind whenever I go back home even though I know I will not be able to get the facilities easily like the one in town.

At that point of time I really wish not go from there to the place full of congestion and peace. But this is not an option for me. It is necessary for a person to know and live both the country life and town life. It helps the person to know the bad and good things about the both.

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