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Corruption has become a new meaning of India nowadays. In a survey, it has seen that more than 62% Indians at some or another point paid a bribe to get their job done in a public i.e. government office.

It is said that government employees are the most corrupted in India but it’s not just that government officers are the one but at every place, whether that’s government or private almost all are corrupted.

Fraudulent is not just about giving bribe to someone but getting the job done by not going with proper procedure and using or giving some favor to get a job or internship or getting the job done there are almost millions of cases in India going on that are corrupting our country. Corruption is making one-half of the country too rich and another part too poor!

Reason for Corruption

The main reason of corruption in India is we the citizens of India who don’t raise the voice thinking that if giving money would do our work then why should we do! And only some of the citizens who are working against corruption are not much to root this disease from the whole country which is increasing in the country very fast.

Fraudulent is like a communicable disease that increases very rapidly and any person who sits in the position of power majority gets affected through it. And because we are not raising voice against it, it is not getting decreased.

Still, India has improved in ways on transparency corruption Index due to some policies implemented by our honorable PM but still, only a single person can’t change the whole country if we will start denying for paying the bribe then it will automatically get laid down!

We are the main culprits as we are helping those corrupt persons for doing corruption using our money! Major class getting affected due to corruption is lower class.

Effects of Corruption

The administration of India is tainted with scandals. According to Corruption in Education System, there is a report being realized by Transparency International India, among the 106 countries where corruption is rampant India stands 56th in that. In India, corruption is flying not even just running.

New methods to cheat government and public are increasing, as the country is growing with that corruption is also growing. Corruption affects in many ways like:

  1. Leads to unemployment as due to corruption in an education system that affects student’s knowledge and do which they won’t be able to clear exams.
  2. It also affects in giving justice to the victim and due to that, the victim suffers.
  3. Fraudulent results in disrespect among the citizens for the government that results in a bad relationship among government and citizens of the nation.
  4. It will, in fact, result in growth and development of the nation and will result in delaying its development.Corruption essay PDF Download

Corruption in Education System

  1. In some colleges, they conduct their own exams in order to take students in that some seats of management quota are reserved which are filled by huge donations these can be abolished by not taking admissions under management quota.
  2. In India college fees are censored by councils so if students are forced to pay extra fees for other activities for which they don’t have money than they can file the petition against college which is further managed by the court and certain council.
  3. Some people have claimed that there are some private institutions that demand extra donation but this can be stopped only when we will stop giving the donation and if the government can work to increase the level of government institution education.
  4. In some areas of country instead of working on the education quality of their institution they leak question papers or some person tries to leak papers or cheating among all students and even manipulation in the results are being done which results in ruining student’s future only as by this kind of degrees they won’t be able to succeed much.

The main tasks of corruption prevention

Stop Corruption

  1. To disclose and eliminate the factors that is the reasons for fraudulent
  2. Deterrence of that person from the commission that is the reason for corruption offences.
  3. A secured effective and legal regulation for prevention of corruption
  4. Effective and adequate mechanism of implementation, organization, control and oversight of fraudulent through institutional, legal, social and economic measures.
  5. There should a proper involvement of civil and public society for prevention of fraudulent
  6. Transparency in the public services should be encouraged.

Corruption prevention measures

  1. Analysis for the risk of fraudulent .
  2. During a short span of time anti-corruptionprograms should be managed for awareness of public also.
  3. There should be a proper provision to seek the information about the officer which holds the position of the concerned public service in the corporation.
  4. To register the information of the legal entities and public servants there should a provision for that
  5. Awareness program and education among the public should be given.

It has increased very rapidly in last few years and to deteriorate this only we the citizens of the nation can do something if we will sit ideal than nothing will change!

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