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Forest is an area which is mainly dominated by trees and plants. Depending upon the tree sizes, tree height, land usability, ecological functionality are the main factors over which forest are having different names across the world.

In every region trees play a different role either they are used human survival or animal survival. According to the information from F&A Organization, forests covers approximately 4 billion hectares or we can say 30 percent of globe’s land area as per 2006 study.

Forests are the major part of our balanced ecological and biological forms which are present throughout the earth surface. Forests cover approximately 80% of the Earth’s plants and trees biomass and accounts for 70% of the prime productivity of biosphere.

Across the globe, forests at different elevations and latitudes form different and unique ecozones like tropical forests near equator, poles have boreal forest and mid latitudes have temperate forests.

Forest are mainly celebrated for fodder, fuel wood, fossils, timber and other products which are manufactured by utilizing the different part of trees.

What is not appreciated universally that how much contribution does these forests made to provide services which are crucial to ecosystem.

Forests are necessary for protecting watersheds and separating carbon from our atmosphere to control the poisonous gases. Flora and Fauna are the results of forest.

Because of forest animals and insects get shelter to stay safe. Forest helps to control the water cycle, soil formation , regulation of climate and plant pollination.

Forests and human societies have positive and negative influence over each other. Generally dense forests serve as attraction site for tourist and ecosystem services to all humans.

Conservation of Forest

People’s health is also affected by forests. Forest ecosystems are gradually affected by human activities which include harvesting forest resources.

Importance of forests

Forests play an important or dominant role in maintaining balance in biosphere. As nature made forests not only to provide wood or eatables but also to control floods, soil erosion’s and drought etc.

For India forest are very important as only 34% land is covered under forests and rest of the area has been utilized for constructions, cultivation, roads or societies.

According to the scientist’s calculation, a matured tree provides us the following benefits.

  1. Abundant amount of Oxygen for the survival of mankind, animals
  2. Controls the air pollution
  3. Control the water pollution and moisture in the atmosphere
  4. Control soil erosion and maintains the soil fertility
  5. Natural home for birds
  6. Provides shelter for animals

As per the facts and figures, India is under alarming condition because population is increasing continuously and we are having limited land to live. As a result forest area is utilized for satisfying the needs of increasing population.

There are certain steps which are taken by Indian government to aware the citizens regarding the conservation of forests.

  • Every year , every citizen should celebrate “Van Mahotsava” during rainy season when saplings are planted
  • We are not in the state of controlling deforestation but we can increase forest side by side by aforestation
  • Waste lands or idle lying lands can be utilized to planting trees
  • Trees which are not enough mature can be given help so that they can grow properly
  • Whenever a tree is falling down it should be noted that the tree do not harm the nearby tree
  • Trees should be protected from diseases by giving proper insecticides and pesticides
  • Overgrazing is not a good measure because sometimes a growing tree do not able to hold the soil properly as a result roots remain uprooted which causes soil erosion at a large scale. Hence animal-land ratio has to be strictly maintained.

Most important things we have to remind all citizens that it is not the government who is not taking any steps to control the deforestation but it is in our hands too to control devastation of forest.

As for forest conservation, generation and utilization of forests; Indian government has started Research Inst. at Dehradun, Uttaranchal.

Generally in dry season leaves and branches of tress become very dry and blowing winds through the forest creates the to and fro motion of these twigs or leaves which causes brushing against each other. Along the waves of wind, they stony dry surfaces create a spark which quickly results in forest fire.

So, whenever this fire starts along the forest it not only consumes dry twigs, leaves etc but the matured or new sapling and animals. The forest fire intensity depends on the direction of wind, shape or structure of forest and speed of the wind etc.

Forest fire can start because of lightening, human negligence or by rising temperature etc. To control the forest fire India should have organizations which control the forest effectively.

It is our responsibility to conserve our forests. Citizen can volunteer in certain events which happens to aware others regarding the importance of forests. Because if we destroy nature then ultimately nature will destroy us.

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