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We humans have a wonderful and beautiful life given to us by God. This beautiful life is to be enjoyed and spent properly. This can happen only we have a proper health. We can maintain a proper health if we consume the right type of food and take care of ourselves.

It is necessary for us to eat the food which is needed for the proper development and growth of our body. Coffee is one item which is consumed by people of ages. Some people are addicted to coffee. They need coffee all the time. They consume coffee so much that they cannot stay without drinking coffee.

Just like how tea helps us in many ways, coffee also does the same. Both the beverages have different specialty and benefits for our body. In some cultures it is a tradition to drink tea and coffee at a particular time.

Description on Coffee

Coffee trees are short in height. In some places it can be of greater height but usually it is preferred to keep the height of the plant short.

This will help in proper growth of the plant and further help in good harvesting. The coffee cherries grow in the branches of the tree. Other than these cherries, green leaves, flowers and fruits also grow.

coffee essayThe cherries take one year to mature after they first grow. But they can be used for production only when it is fully grown. This takes almost five years.

There are two types of coffee. They are Robusta and Arabica. These two types of coffee have varieties in itself. But Robusta and Arabica are the two major types of coffee. The two types of coffee need different climatic conditions to grow.

Lower altitudes and warm weather is suitable to grow Robusta coffee. While Arabica coffee can be cultivated in high altitudes in a mild weather. If it is grown in high altitudes, then there must be proper summer and rainy season. This can be grown even in the equatorial region. In this region, rainfall plays an important role in harvesting of coffee.

The coffee production goes in a process. It starts with hand picking and then processed by different methods. After this they are separated by their color and depending on how ripe they are.

Then, the seeds are fermented and after fermentation cleaned with water. When the seeds are cleaned with water, the leftover of fermentation goes away. Then the seeds are left to dry by a variety of methods. After this the coffee seeds are sorted.

This process is followed by roasting that takes place under different conditions. After roasting, again the seeds are separated depending on their color. Then the seeds are decaffeinated and stored in airtight containers. In order to make beverage from the coffee seeds, they are brewed. After brewing, the coffee can be used and served in many ways.

Coffee plantations around the world

Brazil is the highest producer of coffee in the world. The other countries which are considered as the top producers are Vietnam, Colombia, Indonesia, Ethiopia, India, Honduras, Guatemala, Peru, Uganda.

In India the states that contribute towards the production of coffee are Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Orissa, Andhra Pradesh and the North-eastern states. Each state has their own specialty of the coffee that they produce.

They are distinguished by their names and logos. Even if coffee is produced in the same state, the names of the coffee production will vary along with the areas. In India the state which has the largest contribution in the production of coffee is Karnataka.

Why do people consume coffee?

Coffee is famous all over the world. Almost everyone loves drinking coffee. Everyone has their reason for consuming coffee. People usually prefer drinking coffee early in the morning or in the evening. Drinking coffee in the morning refreshes the person’s mind.

Some people like to drink tea on a daily basis while some prefer drinking coffee. For a few of them drinking coffee is an addiction. They want to drink coffee all the time. But keeping this addiction apart, people drink coffee for many reasons. Some people drink coffee for relaxing while some drink it to take a break from their work.

Some students drink coffee very frequently while studying. They believe drinking coffee helps them a lot and their brain starts working much faster. They are able to study with full attention.

Even the people who work in offices say that when they drink coffee, they become more energetic and it helps them to work properly. At the present day there are varieties of coffee. One has many options for drinking coffee. This variety makes the people try drinking all of them.

In some cultures, it is a tradition to drink coffee at a particular time. This is similar to the tradition of drinking tea at a specific time of the day with the family or friends.

People also drink coffee for various health benefits. Drinking coffee helps to reduce any type of physical pain.

Is drinking coffee good for our health?

coffee essayMost of the food items that we consume help us in maintaining proper health. But some of them have disadvantages as well. Even drinking coffee has disadvantages. But first the advantages of drinking coffee need to be discussed. People prefer drinking coffee before they go for exercise or workout because it helps them in boosting their physical performance.

Fat in our body is reduced by drinking coffee. Coffee burns the fat present in our body. This helps to lose weight. Coffee also helps to maintain blood sugar levels. It is believed that people who drink coffee have lesser chances of dying than the people who do not drink coffee.

The risk of getting diabetes, cancer, stroke and few other diseases gets reduced by drinking coffee. Our body is relaxed when we drink coffee. This helps to stay focus in our work. Our brain and body is protected in many ways if we drink coffee.

Along with the advantages comes the disadvantage as well. If we drink coffee a lot during a very short of period, it can kill us because of heavy dose. We can also get hip fractures if we drink a lot of coffee. This is similar how when a person consumes extra dose of tablets they die.

It is not safe for a pregnant lady to drink coffee. Some of the coffee contains impurities which can lead us to various types of sickness. It is not good for the children to drink coffee because this will result in the wetting of the bed. People who have high cholesterol are not allowed to drink coffee because it is not good for their health.

No matter there are a few disadvantages of drinking coffee, this does not mean that they will stop drinking it. They can drink coffee but one should learn to control the amount and number of times of drinking coffee. If it is controlled then the person will not have to face any problems that are caused due to high dose of coffee.

Misconceptions about coffee

Coffee is good for our health but there are a few misconceptions that we have regarding drinking coffee. If a person drinks coffee after lunch, he or she will suffer from insomnia. The person will not be able to sleep. He will prefer staying awake at night.

People think that if they drink coffee they will come back to senses and become clear-headed after drinking alcohol. Well, nothing like that happens. As the person has consumed both alcohol and coffee they might put themselves into trouble.

It is said that drinking coffee is not safe for a pregnant woman. But if she drinks only one cup of coffee it is not harmful for her baby. Drinking coffee does not help a person to lose weight. People have a wrong belief that if they drink coffee they will be able to lose weight.

Well, nothing of that sort happens. Losing weight can only be done by changing their diet. Some believe that coffee leads them to dehydration.

This is not at all true. Instead coffee hydrates a person like the water. People believe that if a person is addicted to drinking coffee, it is a very dangerous issue. They will never be able to come out that addiction. But this is not a serious issue how people think. People can get out of the addiction of drinking coffee.

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