Does Class Size Matter?

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School is a place where a student spends maximum of their time apart from being in their home. Class room in a school is the place where children learn about things.

This is the place where teachers open a new world for a student which seems like opening a new world in front of them.

Class room is a place of wonder where children or students learn about new things. Class room is the place to learn for the students and for the teachers it is a place to teach and to open up the world for them.

Teaching is like making the students realize that there is so many things in this world that they can learn about.

The faces of kids when they first time learn something is full of wonder like they didn’t know that there is something new for them to learn about.

Every time a student enters a class room, they go there to learn about something entirely new concept.

Class room is the place where a talent that is hidden inside each and every student comes forward. Class room is one of the most important things in a student’s life. So, the environment of the class room highly matters.

Importance of the size of the Class room 

As it is mentioned above that class room is the most important place for a student, its size is also very much important for a student. The condition of a class room effects in the growth of a student’s mentality.

If the class room is small then it is a problem as well as when the class room is big, it is also a problem. There is no harm in having a big class room in a school. Some of the affect of a small class are listed as follows –

  • A small class room does not have much space to hold many students in one class which makes the number of student limited in every class.
  • Small class room means a small space which sometimes effect the health of the student as they feels suffocated as the air cannot circulate properly in a small space and which in turns makes breathing a bit difficult which is not good for a child’s health.
  • A big class room helps the student as they don’t have to sit closely with each other and everyone can have their personal space which is really hard to get in a small class room which many times distract a student from concentrating to what the teacher is saying.

Some of the affects of big class room is listed below 

  • Big class room can hold many numbers of students which makes a teacher exhausted to teach a big number of students at the same time. So, he/she cannot interact with them like he/she should have and due to that the bond between the teacher and student fails to strengthen which is a problem on itself.
  • The teacher fails to pay attention to students individually because of which he/she cannot say when a student is paying attention or when they are not paying attention. It becomes difficult for the teacher to teach.
  • Big class room has big space which makes the teacher tired to roam around while teaching and he/she fails to give his 100 % in the job which is not good for the students.

From the above points we can safely conclude that the size of the class room definitely matters especially for the proper growth of the students. Both sizes have its advantages and disadvantages.

Choosing one size is quite difficult as they have to look over each point carefully before choosing as it is a matter of students’ future.

If a school choose to have small class room so that the teachers can pay better attention to the students then they should not put many number of students in a single class and look after the ventilation of the class room.

Where as if a school chooses to have big class rooms then also the number of students in a class should not be higher than necessary or else the teacher won’t be able to pay attention to each and every students individually and also many students means the teacher have to handle them with much more concentration and precision which is exhausting and results in making the teacher only give half of their efforts.


The size of a class room is very important that has become a concern for the parents. Class room is the place where the children learn about new things in life.

The experiences of the class room remains with a person for lifetime which helps a child in developing their own personality and helps them to know about what path they are going to take in the future.

So, the environment of a class is a matter of utmost importance.

Class size has different effects on different students. Different class sizes has their own pros and cons. Both big class room and small class room has advantages and disadvantages with it.

When the authorities choose a class size, they should first talk with the teachers that are going to teach the students about their opinion on this matter as they are the one whose comfort and discomfort will effect in their styles. So, teachers should decide about the size of the class rooms.

However, in many cases that is not done due to various reasons and because of which both the teachers and students have to suffer the after effects of the authorities’ decision.

In general opinion, the class size should be medium and a class should not have many students stuffed in it which won’t benefit the students at all.

Medium class size and medium number of students in each class benefits both the teachers and students drastically. So, authorities should think about all the possibilities before taking a decision as important as this.

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