Speech on Chat rooms can be Dangerous

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A very good morning to everyone present here. Today I am going to speak about a topic of extreme importance and relevance in today’s world. In this age of modernization and technological advancement when the Internet is ruling on life this is very important issue to be addressed. 

We all are aware of the advantages that the electronic media and Internet has in our day to day lives. It has brought the world closer than ever. Distances have been reduced geographical borders are no longer barriers. Language is hardly a hindrance and the world is at the reach of a fingertip.

Today we do not need to socialize in the outside environment in order to meet new people. Various end-to-end text messaging applications have evolved which allow textual information to be exchanged among people transcending the barriers of reach language and availability.

Tremendous scientific development and technological advancement has resulted in the evolution of these text based messaging applications which now I love audio visual media to be shared and exchange not only with a single individual but it also allows broadcast of the same among group of individuals connected to them.

Electronic applications have created virtual platforms called chat rooms which facilitate the socialization of unknown holders of this messaging service to mix about with each other through this chat rooms. Most of this chat rooms however let the users disguise their identity. And as we know very well there is a confidentiality of The Identity, crimes breed. 

These chat rooms have various disadvantages in today’s world. Majority of its victims are young kids and teenagers who end up sharing too much confidential information which might otherwise be used by grotesque Hydra headed individuals for the execution of their Clandestine ulterior objectives. Not only kids, many adults to end up in this trap. Kids are usually targeted for three main reasons. 

First and foremost, reason is that kids are immature and often give out too much information about their lives and the lives of their parents and their near and dear ones which might be used by thieves and dacoits and butlers to perform nefarious activities.

Often it has been found that kidnappers have used chat rooms to gain sensitive information about an individual by trapping them in friendly talk. 

Secondly chat rooms are used for the execution of pedophilic aspirations of mentally disturbed people. These pedophiles often trap young kids in teenagers in friendly discussion and often ask them to perform in modest physical activities which include provocative and explicit pictorial representation of one’s physicality.

These pictures or audio-visual data is often circulated around the Internet and it becomes viral demolishing the child’s social reputation and Honor. Most of the time this results in the child getting into a deep depression and the one who cannot bear this of intent to release themselves from the burdens of mortality. 

Thirdly there is an aspect of cyber bullying that might occur to chat rooms. Young kids as we know our impressionable to a great extent and these innocent minds can be influenced.

Frequently we see classmates or other people with a discord with the child message or involve in activities related to threats and derogatory and judgmental opinions about the child. Many kids cannot handle such harsh and delegate Tori realization of their innocent self and the seeds of mental discomfort and displeasure including depression self-esteem disorders and body image disorders which take and uglier shape once the child is in his adulthood which causes many problems mostly involving social interactions with other people.

Another new respect of cyber bullying has surfaced these days with the advent of a so-called Internet based game known as the Blue whale challenge. In this challenge a child is brainwashed into performing several kinds of tasks and completing them the ultimate of which is to take his own life. Several kids all over the world have fallen prey to these lures and taken their own lives. 

Adults to fall into this trap however the problem with them is quite different. 

Usually sensitive personal information like banking details are extracted by fraudulent representation to another people who end up giving their information like pin codes and account passwords to these people.

That passwords sends pin codes that are then utilized by the unscrupulous Internet thieves to achieved monetary gains from the individuals account. Since people in chat rooms are usually disguised, it is extremely difficult to track them down.  

The Internet is like a double-edged sword with all the advantages that it has brought to our lives these are the disadvantages that come with it. One of them is the difficulty to track down an individual.

The Internet registers only the identity of a computer that was used to access it however the individual might himself flee away and it would be virtually impossible to trace him. 

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