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Speech on My Family – My Family Short and Simple Speech for Children and Students

0 Comments October 18, 2019

Good morning/afternoon to everyone. My name is John and I am here to present a speech on ‘My Family’. I love my family. I have my father, mother and a younger sister in my family. They take great care of me. A family is the most important and complete unit of a society. This requires […]

Speech on Gambling for Children

0 Comments June 1, 2018

Good morning to one and all present here. I am very glad that today we all have gathered here and I got an opportunity to present my views on the topic ‘Gambling’. I beg of your cooperation throughout the time that I am presenting my speech and I also ask you to pardon me for […]

Speech on Are Athletic Scholarships Fair?


A very good morning to everyone present here. Today I am going to deliver a speech on why athletic scholarships should be considered fair. I request your kind attention and hope you will pardon me for my shortcomings in this extremely relevant and burning topic that I am going to speak on. I would like […]

Speech on Healthy Food for Children & Students

0 2 Comments

A very good morning to every one present here. Today, I am going to deliver a speech on a topic which holds special significance in our lives and is of utmost relevance in this day and age. In this age of global race for success and excellence, health often tends to take the back seat. […]

Speech on Tax System is Fair?


A very good morning to everyone present here. Today, I am about to deliver a speech on the topic of taxes and whether they are fair or not. In my opinion, the system of taxation, in a democracy is an extremely fair and needed practice.   The tax system was in place since the dawn of humanity. Always, […]

Speech on Women Empowerment for Children & Students

0 Comments May 2, 2018

Good morning to all dignitaries, teachers and my dear friends. In this male chauvinist society, I stand before you to share my views on the topic “Women Empowerment”.  First of all, what is Women Empowerment? It’s a topic of heated discussion these days where in this male dominating society, women have to fight for her rights, gender equality and other discrimination’s.  Yes!!! Women […]

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