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What were the causes for the failure of the 1857 Revolt in India

0 Comments January 19, 2018

An overview on the 1857 revolt Before moving on to why the revolt of 1857 failed and saw an early death in India? It is important for us to know what constituted the formation or what led to the ignition of the revolt of 1857? As many historians had described that the revolt of 1857 […]

5 Reasons Why Non-Cooperation Movement Failed in India

0 Comments January 15, 2018

An overview on Non-Cooperation Movement Before moving on to how the Non-cooperation movement was called off? It is important for us to know what exactly was the non-cooperation movement and what led to the formation of the Non- cooperation movement in India? The Non- Cooperation movement was an initiative by Mahatma Gandhi. He was one […]

Great Kings of Sangama Dynasty of Vijayanagar Empire

0 Comments January 4, 2018

Introduction of the Sangama Dynasty The Sangama Dynasty has been one of the greatest dynasties of the Vijaynagar Empire. The dynasty was named Sangama after a man with the name Sangama. He was from the Yadu family. He also knew the Hoysalas and had close connection with them. This dynasty was the hard work of […]

Decline of Mughal Empire in India


An overview on the Mughal Empire India is known to have one of the interesting and richest history in the world. It was a land of kings and queens, emperors and extravagant empires, and lavish dynasties. And to substantiate this fact we have examples of monuments, art and architecture, literary works from almost all the […]

(British Raj) British Rule in India | History & Impact

0 Comments December 22, 2017

Earlier Invasions The earliest invasion that happened in our country dates back to the time when Alexander visited our lands giving way to Persians to enter our motherland. Not only did he bring in a new Persian culture into our country, but made way for a lot of other invasions to come forth that way. […]

Khilafat Movement (1919-1924) | Importance | PDF Download

0 Comments December 14, 2017

From the year 1876 to 1909, Abdul Hamid II was the emperor of the Ottoman Empire. As he was a Caliph, he was supreme from the religious aspect and also was a political leader of the Sunni Muslims all over the world. During the First World War, the Ottoman Empire had advanced over the Central […] hosts an extensive collection of essays for students. Here, you can find short paragraph write-ups and speeches, apart from essays in English. Browse through our collection of holiday pages to learn about the history of national holidays in India.

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