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9 Best Monuments of India

0 Comments May 1, 2018

Why is India known as a land of historical monuments? India is a land of ancient monuments, big palaces, towers and heritage sites that spell the grandeur and splendor of the olden day architecture. Men in royal kingdoms of the olden days had little knowledge of science and technology as we call them in modern […]

Karnataka – Largest Coffee Producing State in India


Which is the largest coffee producing state in India? Karnataka is the largest coffee producing state in India. Around 70% of the coffee grown in the country comes from the regions of Hassan, Chickmagalur and Kodagu regions of Karnataka. Image Credit: Source These regions are the major coffee producer regions of the state. Robusta and […]

National Flag of India : Design, Significance & Meaning of Tricolour

0 Comments March 10, 2018

Every country has a unique flag of its own, designed to represent the values and culture that the country stands up for and it is nothing but depict the country’s rich heritage, prosperity and the beliefs that the country holds. Our national flag is a tricolour flag with saffron at the top, white colour in […]

Pingali Venkayya – The Designer of the National Flag of India


India officially adopted its national flag on the 22nd of July, 1947. The material that was used for spinning the first national flag happens to be khadi cotton. The designer of the national flag is credited to Lt. Sri Pingali Venkayya.    Who was Lt. Shri Pingali Venkayya?  Pingali Venkayya was a native of present day Andhra […]

Largest State in India | By Population Wise and By Area Wise

0 Comments February 16, 2018

Largest State According to Area With respect to the area Rajasthan is the largest state. Area wise it covers 342,239 sq. kms. 10.4% of India is represented by Rajasthan.  In terms of area Rajasthan is followed by Madhya Pradesh which is 342,239 sq. kms then followed by Maharashtra which is 308,245 sq. kms and then comes Uttar Pradesh which is […]

Famous Books and Authors List | PDF Download


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