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Indian Army Day – 15th January 2019 : Parade, Celebration

0 Comments March 13, 2018

What is Army Day? On 15th of January, 1949, Lieutenant General K. M. Cariappa took over the position of Commander- in- chief from General Sir Francis Butcher. From that day onward, India celebrates Indian Army day every year on 15th of January. This day is devoted to all those brave heart soldiers who scarified their […]

Propose Day 2018 Date | Celebration & Quotes

0 Comments February 16, 2018

Propose day is one of the day that comes in the valentine’s week, that is, in the month of February. It’s the day when someone confesses their feelings to the ones they love. The day of love. The day of connection. It’s a day when two people start a new journey in life. This day […]

Teddy Day 2018 Date | Quotes & Celebration


Teddies, aww, every girl’s dream is to have a teddy gifted from his boyfriend. Girls love to have a cute soft teddy bear that they could carry around with them anywhere, anyplace. Some girls even hug around and sleep with their teddy bear thinking of their love as a teddy. For some girls, teddies are the most cutest soft toys […] hosts an extensive collection of essays for students. Here, you can find short paragraph write-ups and speeches, apart from essays in English. Browse through our collection of holiday pages to learn about the history of national holidays in India.

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