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Essay on Women Safety for Children & Students

0 Comments May 24, 2019

It would sound as a shame on society if we talk about women safety theme in every corner of the world. According to data and researches in every 15-20 minutes a woman gets molested, whether it is a crowded area or a damp area. This is just a data which can be untrue also because […]

Essay on Women Empowerment : Meaning & Importance


What is Women Empowerment? Women have emerged successful in many walks of life today. We see participation of women happening on a large scale be it in business sectors, industrial sectors or other conventional fields. This is because women have emerged from their couches to make a mark in the world. They are no longer resilient to […]

Essay on Life in a City

0 Comments May 23, 2019

City, a geographical definition says – “A city is a large human settlement with extensive systems for housing, transportation, utilities, communication”. But life in a city is defined by the set of people, places, food, beauty, the memories it gives you and the values it adds to your life.  City that never sleeps.. Yeah, you got […]

Essay on Secularism in India for Children & Students


India is a country of differences, and we proud of it. We are a secular nation. The Government allows all people from all sections of the society to practice and propagate their religious beliefs. The constitution guarantees protection of rights of every citizen of the nation irrespective of religion, caste, creed, or place of origin. India is unlike few other […]

Essay on Life of A Street Hawker

0 Comments March 6, 2019

The street hawker is a familiar sight in India. It is because of street hawkers that we can get practically everything we need at our doorstep, saving us the trouble of going to the market. Many street hawkers visit our society. Some come with carts; others carry their wares on bicycles or in the baskets. […]

My Bicycle Essay for Class 1,2,3 & 4 Students


My bicycle had always been a great source of inspiration, and was the most beautiful part of my childhood as well as teenage. The learning phase is the best phase of life, which not only makes you to learn how to ride a bicycle, but helps to understand many new chapters of life. The brand […]