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Life is a beautiful gift we have received from God. He has gifted it to us so that we stay happy and make full use of this wonderful gift.

So, we should spend our life according to what God expects us to do. If we go against him, our life will not go in a good and right direction.

It depends on us how we want our life to be. God always wants us to choose the right path in our life and remain happy. But life is not easy. We have to face many difficulties in the path of our success.

It is us who have to choose the right path. But sometimes we never know which path is right or wrong. It is experience and guidance from others that will help us to choose the right one.

This does not mean we can blindly trust on someone and do whatever they ask us to do. We should know the person well and ask help from such a person who is a trustable one. Therefore, moving in a right direction is very important. This will reflect later in the life.

It is important to choose the right one from our birth itself. Like for example: Our parents feed us the right food from our birth, then put us in good schools and guide us during rest of the time of our life.

Parents are always worried about their child’s career. From the time they are born, they make plans about their studies and future. So, they have to decide in which school their child will study.

They research on the school, see to it that the school is good for the child and if it will help in the progress of the child.

There is not much tension for the parents till they reach the tenth standard. In the tenth standard, they start to plan which stream the child wants to study further. But some of the students change their stream even in college after they finish their class twelve. But that is not an issue.

They should know what they are studying, if they like the subject and if there is a future by studying the subject. People say it is important to choose the career before itself.

But in the early stage, the child’s mind is new and fresh. At that point of time they will choose that careers which they see very often.

They might not know what all is needed for the career. So, they need help and guidance from before itself. So that when the time comes the right decision is taken.

It is important to choose the right career so that later the child is satisfied with it, interested in that career and the future of the child does not go into waste.

Type of Career

Career LadderEarlier people did not have many options for choosing a career. They would choose such careers which were common, had name and the one which was in the family from before.

But now things are not the same. With the advancement in technologies and advancement in the world, people have a variety of options to choose.

It is up to them which career they want to choose. But they should not choose the career blindly.

They must know about the career properly, do the necessary research and take guidance from elders and people from the same field.

There are various fields in which a person can make his career. Some of them are media, medical, engineering, government service, art, architecture, hotel management and there are many other fields. These are a few of them. These fields are further divided into sub categories.

All of them have many sub categories which makes a person confused which one to choose. First, the person should know his or her interests, will the future be successful with that career and if he or she will remain happy by choosing that career.

All these things are to be kept on mind while choosing a career. This is important because later if one does not seem to like what they are doing the future will go into waste. Life will be like a dropout.

Even though there are many options for a career, a person should first choose the right one.

After choosing it, then see if there are enough resources for that particular career and will choosing that career really help them to progress in life. Therefore, choosing the right career is very important.

Is career really very important?

We are a social human being. God has created us to do different works. We have the capability to do different works as we have the blessings of God.

He is there to guide us and show the right way. We all have different talents which are to be used for various purposes.

This means that we can do more than one work. This makes us understand we should not focus only in one work. We should learn to work simultaneously. If we focus only on one work we will not learn anything.

We will get stuck only at one level. We will not be able to progress in other levels of life. We will get a feeling that we do not know anything. So, we need to balance everything in life.

Careers is important in our life. But it does not mean that it will dominate over other important things in the life.

We cannot ignore as well because choosing the right career will help us create our future and have a successful life. This is the reason why career is given so much of importance.

But this does not mean that we will focus only on our career. We need to pay attention to other areas of our life as well. Otherwise we will become a lonely one who has no other life except the careers.

As we are a social human being, we need to have a social life as well. It is a must to keep interactive relationship with the people around us.

A lonely person cannot do anything alone. If we have others with us, they will guide us in different ways whenever needed.

Choice of career: Parents or Children?

Career holds a very important place in our life. The career we choose will directly affect our future. So, it is necessary to choose the right career. We alone cannot choose our career.

We need guidance and support from others. The first ones to help us always will be our parents. We should always consult them whenever we need to take decisions regarding our career.

But parents should not throw their choice upon the child. It is important to know the child’s choice as well. If a child chooses a career just because it was told by the parents, there are chances that the child will not be successful in that careers.

Children and parents might have different likes. They will have different talents. So, it does not mean that what career the parents have chosen the child also choose the same.

If a child chooses a career on the pressure of the parents and against one’s own choice and interests, he or she will not be happy studying and working in that career.

They will not be successful in that field. Earlier, parents always wanted their children to choose the career what has been running in the family from before. But now the children have moved from that phase.

They are exploring other fields as well. But still some parents are there who feel that their child will not be successful in some of the careers.

So, in order to avoid that parents should know their child’s interest and in which field they are good. This will help the child to choose the right career and be successful.

But choosing a career is not so easy. It takes time to choose a careers. It should not be done in the last moment.

If the child chooses a careers in hurry, later there will be problems. In the last moment the child must not have thought about the career in a broader way.

So, the choice of career must be done with time and proper understanding. In school most of the children score good marks. They and their parents think that the good marks mean that the child will be successful in that subject. But that time no one sees the other side of the coin.

In school no one understands which subject will be good for them later on. In school, the topics and information are limited. So, the child studies whatever is taught and scores good marks.

But in school things are easy unlike the later stage of life. So, the parents and children should not rely only on the marks.

The child should know his interests, talents and skills. These are the things which will help to choose the right career and continue progressing in life.

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