Story on The Cap Seller and the Monkeys (200 Words)

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On a hot sunny day, there was a cap seller who was passing from one village to another. The cap seller sold all kinds of caps. There were colorful caps in his basket.

Caps of all colors and kinds – green caps, red caps, blue caps and all attractive colors he had. Caps for small children, for the elderly – he just had a variety of attractive caps in his box.

He lifted the box on his head and made his way through the streets of the village. He called out loudly “Caps, caps, caps  … Caps of all colors, caps for all seasons, caps of all types, please buy the best caps from here!!”

People flocked to the cap seller to buy caps of their choice. Some praised the caps for their attractive and bright colors, some liked the design on the caps and some other liked the lovely material the caps were made of.

The cap seller was a regular in the village and he walked through the streets of the village every day and made a living out of selling caps.

Since it was summer time, the heat from the sun was unbearable and the cap seller was sweating heavily. He felt exhausted very soon due to the scorching sun and became thirsty.

After stopping at a point, he quenched his thirst by drinking some water. He moved on. Before passing on to the next village, he spotted a large banyan tree under which he could take some rest.

Before proceeding any further, he lay down under the tree for some time.

He kept his box containing caps next to him and lay under the tree. In no time, he slipped into deep sleep and was lost in his dreams.

The tree was a big hang around and home for a troupe of monkeys. The monkeys saw the box full of caps and were attracted by its bright colors. Alas!

They didn’t know what to do with the caps. They then saw the cap seller sleeping by wearing one of the caps and followed him. Soon after, all monkeys out on their caps on their head.

After a while, the cap seller got up from his sleep and stretched his arms to refresh himself. It was time to start walking towards the next village now.

To his surprise, he found none of the caps in the box that he had placed next to him. He wondered where all the caps vanished.

He then heard some strange noises from the troupe of monkeys seated on the branches of the tree and having fun with the caps.

The cap seller was worried about getting his caps back from the monkeys. He picked up a stone and threw at one of the monkeys.

The monkeys were quick enough to react to this action of the cap seller by plucking fruits grown on tree branches and threw them at the cap seller.

The cap seller now had an amazing idea in his mind. He also realized that the monkeys copied his action and returned back to him in the same manner.

This time, he took the cap that was on his head and threw is straight on to the ground. To his amazement, all the monkeys sitting on tree branches did the same thing again.

Just like the previous time when they copied his action, this time too, they did the same thing. All the monkeys picked up the caps on their heads and threw them straight on to the ground.

Without wasting any moment, the cap seller gathered all the caps that were strewn on the street, put them all into his box and started walking fast towards the next village.

Moral of the story: Use of wisdom is always better than use of weapons.

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