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ContinentNorth America
Location56.13040 N, 106.34680 W
Map of Canada Map of Canada
Flag canada flag
Area9,984,671 km²
Coastline125,570 miles
Neighboring CountriesUnites States of America

Saint Helena


Saint Pierre and Miquelon






Cayman Islands


Turks and Caicos Islands



El Salvador


Dominican Republic


U.S. Virgin Islands

British Virgin Islands

Costa Rica




Netherlands Antilles

Time Zone(UTC -3.5 to -8)

(UTC -2.5 to -7)

Population35.15 million (2016)
Symbol symbol of canada
Founded Date1st July, 1867
Prime Minister of CanadaJustin Trudeau
Chief Justice of CanadaBeverley McLachlin
National Anthem“O Canada”
Motto“A Mari Usque Ad Mare”
Royal Anthem“God Save the Queen”
National AnimalBeaver

National Animal of Canada

Canadian Horse

National Animal of Canada

National BirdGray Jay

National bird of Canada

National TartanMaple Leaf Tartan

National Tartan of Canada

National GameLacrosse (Summer)

National Game of Canada

Ice Hockey (Winter)

National Game of Canada

National TreeMaple Tree

National Tree of Canada

National DrinkCaesar (Cocktail)

National Drink of Canada

National FruitBlueberry

National Fruit of Canada

National ColorsRed and White
National LanguagesFrench


SeasonsSpring (March to June)

Summer (June to September)

Autumn (September to December)

Winter (December to March)

Prestigious Awards
  • Military Awards – The Victoria Cross of Canada
  • Civilian Award – Order of Merit, Order of Canada
  • Literature Awards – Scotiabank Giller Prize, Arthur Ellis Awards, Doug Wright Award, Aurora Awards, Sunburst Awards
  • Cinema Award – Toronto Film Critics Association (TFCA), Vancouver Film Critics Circle (VFCC), Canadian Screen Awards
ReligionChristianity (67.2%)

Non-religious (23.9%)

Islam (3.2%)

Hinduism (1.5%)

Sikhism (1.4%)

Buddhism (1.1%)

Judaism (1.0%)

Other (0.6%)

Average Marriage age in Canada31.1 years for men and 29.1 years for women
CapitalOttawa (450 24’N 750 40’W)
Number of Provinces10 Provinces

Prince Edward Island

Newfoundland and Labrador

New Brunswick

Nova Scotia




British Columbia



Largest ProvincePrince Edward Island
Smallest ProvinceOntario
Largest CityToronto
Smallest CityPeterborough
Literacy rate99% (males)

99% (females)

Type of Government
  • Representative Democracy
  • Parliamentary System
  • Federal Monarchy
  • Constitutional Monarchy
GDPPPP – $1.672 trillion (2016)

Nominal – $1.529 trillion (2017)

GDP per capita$46,199 (2016)
CurrencyCanadian Dollar ($) (CAD)
Calling Code +1
ISO 3166 codeCA
FestivalsThe Calgary Stampede Related

Vancouver Symphony of Fire

Toronto International Film Festival

Edmonton Folk Festival

Canada Day Celebration


Quebec Winter Festival

Montreal Jazz Festival

Montreal Just for Laugh Festival

Celtic Colors International Event

MonumentsTerry Fox monument

La Promenade Sameul-De Champlain

National War Memorial

Brockton Point Totem Pole

Swissair Flight 111 Memorial

Brock’s Monument National Historic Site

Sidney Pier

Joan of Arc

Wildlife Sanctuaries
  • 8 National Parks Reserves
  • 39 National Parks
Longest RiverMackenzie river
Largest LakeGreat Bear Lake
Highest MountainMount Logan
Biggest waterfallJames Bruce Falls
Biggest AirportToronto Pearson International Airport
Biggest damRobert–Bourassa
Tallest buildingFirst Canadian Place
Richest person of CanadaThomson Family
Best places to visit in Canada
  •  Vancouver
  • Banff National Park
  • Niagara Falls
  • Montreal
  • Toronto
  • Quebec City
  • Vancouver Island
  • Whistler
  • Ottawa
  • Calgary
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