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India is a land of diversities – in culture, religion, cuisine, demographics, and much more. However, throughout the annals of history, we can see that the country has witnessed insurgencies on the basis of religion, region, and economic status. As an Indian, you would have wondered, at least once in your lifetime, whether it is possible to harmonise these differences and build a great India that is free of regional and religious friction. Don’t you also feel that there is a need to inculcate an environment where youngsters can upskill themselves to be employable?

These perplexities are only natural. In order to find the right answers to these questions, we need to focus on several aspects of our economic fabric. In this regard, enhanced attention on the following areas can be definitive in bringing about a visible change.

Skill Building in the Youth

India has around 600 million youngsters, i.e., people below the age of 25 years. No other country in the world has more youngsters.

It is important to properly guide the youngsters in enhancing their skills so that they become the future assets of the nation. They need to have access to platforms where they can be trained and their skills moulded to reach perfection.

  • One of the areas of improvement in this context is the rote system of learning in India. We see that the educational system in our country focuses more on conceptual learning rather than applying the concepts in a practical manner. This results in creating a generation of youngsters who are literates but with limited skills for employability.
  • The urban youth has more access to employment opportunities. This helps them to get employed in companies that train them in new skills and enable continuous learning. However, the youth in the rural areas do not have access to these opportunities. This is a crucial demographic that needs extra attention in this regard.

Getting Women Back to Work

The country has a huge number of skilled women who decide to abruptly end their careers for their families and children. Currently, women are struggling to get back into the workforce after a career gap, particularly when their sabbatical extend beyond a couple of years.

We should realise the potential of this treasure trove of skills and encourage women to return to work after their sabbatical. With respect to this, companies should engage in recruitment drives and upskilling workshops specifically for women who desire to return to work.

Encouragement for People With Disabilities (PWD)

Individuals with physical deformities are devoid of equal opportunities today. It is important that the government and private enterprises formulate strategies so that such people would have access to an environment to upskill and become employable.

Setting Religious Differences Aside

India has more ethnic and religious groups that most other countries in the world. Yet, newspapers always carry headlines of incidence of ethnic or communal violence in different parts of the country.

It is imperative that the people of the nation and the government hold hands to mitigate the emerging socio-economic divisions. This is the only way we can grow as a nation and stand strong in the face of competition on an international level.

Conservation of Natural Resources

“The earth, the air, the land and the water are not an inheritance from our fore fathers but on loan from our children. So we have to handover to them at least as it was handed over to us.” – Mahatma Gandhi

As the father of our nation rightly said, we need to focus on protecting nature. Conserving water, electricity, food, trees, minerals, land, and fuel are important in keeping India clean for the present and future generations.


Build a Great India – Essay 250 Words

India has a very diverse culture. It is a melting pot of religions, cuisines and demographics that lives in harmony. But once n a while, we have seen that the country has witnessed religious and regional differences and insurgencies due to the same.

The issue of lack of employment opportunities has also been evident in recent times. The need to come together to build a great India is now more relevant than ever before.

Some of the areas where we should lay more focus in order to overcome these difficulties are listed below:

  • Skill building in the youth – Apart from providing an environment for the youngsters to upskill themselves, the government should also enable equal employment opportunities for the rural youth.
  • Getting women back to work – Women on a career break should be encouraged to return to work and become independent.
  • Upskilling people with disabilities – Individuals with deformities should be able to get employed easily. The government needs to take measures for the same.
  • Building a more tolerant approach to religious differences – The beauty of India is its vast regional and religious diversity. We should stand together as a nation and set aside our differences to build a great India.
  • Conserving natural resources – It is important for every individual to protect nature by conserving water, soil, electricity and fuel. This is the only way in which we can keep India clean for the future generations.


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