Books are our Best Friend Essay | Importance of Books

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Reading makes a full man, goes a famous saying. This means that it is the reading habit which helps a man to develop his personality. Indeed, it would not be wrong to say that books are our best friends.

A good book not only entertains but also instructs. It is not possible for a person to know everything. Books help us to increase and enrich our knowledge.

If a book is well-written, it can also provide us with immense pleasure.  Like an ideal friend, a book is full of treasures such as knowledge, noble thoughts and high ideals.  Books relieve us of our sadness and fill our hearts with hope and courage.

Poor indeed is the man who does not like to read. Really reading takes the reader to new lands and introduces him or her to new experiences and people.

The reader learns and understands how different people live and behave in different lands and how they cope with their individual situations.

A well-written story provides immense interest and entertainment to the mind. One should read books on a variety of topics such as travel, history, biography, science and values.

Such kind of Magazines and newspapers also provides a variety of `Such kind of Magazines and newspapers also provides a variety of rich reading material.

They help us to keep our knowledge up-to-date. Poetry provides us with noble thoughts, deep emotions and high ideals and should, therefore, not be neglected.

Prose enriches the mind, poetry enriches the heart.

Teachers and parents should encourage the young to cultivate the habit of reading.

The only source of knowledge is a book, a book is a handy tool, which can be used as tool to do hell lot of thing.

Importance of books

Books are our best friend; they provide hell lot of information to us.

Reading books give a new idea, a new path from which one can discover new things.

Books are considered as our teacher, as it provides good source of information.

Do all books are good? Not at all.  Today you will find hell lot of books, some books are good, and some are up to the mark.

There are best authors in the market; you must refer their books for gaining knowledge.


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