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The world blood donor day is observed on the 14th of June every year. The whole act of donating blood is a noble deed in itself. The human body is so dynamic that it has the ability to regenerate the loss of red blood cells in a few days with the help of a nutritious diet.

The property of blood is such that its purpose cannot be solved with any other substitute, but its generation can be enhanced. Worldwide, over a million people die due to various factors.

It could be a severe accident, a natural calamity or even diseases like anemia. Shortage in blood these stocks in adequate amounts is the sole factor for the ever increasing mortality rate.


In the current scenario, this difficulty is overcome with the concept of blood banks, in which blood with different blood groups are stored in sterilized conditions for emergency situations. Various blood donation camps, awareness programmes are now being set up in colleges and educational institutions, corporate, offices and clubs to increase awareness about the pressing need to donate blood for the betterment of humankind.

To prevent self-health deterioration, there are certain guidelines followed at such events like a person below the age of 18 are not encouraged for blood donation,  people suffering from low haemoglobin, jaundice, infectious diseases and those who have recently undergone any kind of surgery are also discouraged.

importance of blood donation

Due to lack of awareness, people fear that blood donation can reduce their own immunity but these days with the efforts put in by various civil societies and initiatives taken by college students, people now believe that it is indeed a selfless act. This small contribution would not only encourage others to do so but will also save thousands of those in need.

Blood Group System

The process of blood donation is not just donating blood; they are segregated as per the blood group system. There are different blood groups such as A, B, AB and O. To correctly identify the kind of blood type is a crucial factor in blood donation camps.

In order to fulfill the loss of blood in a body, it required the same kind of blood as the patients’ blood group. Adulteration of two different blood types can be mortal for the patient.

Blood group O is a universal donor. It is a unique blood group. On the other hand, blood group AB is a universal acceptor. It can accept blood from blood group, A, B, AB and O.

Advantages of Blood Donation

  • It improves blood generation which is a characteristic of a healthy body type.
  • It is a selfless act that gives us a feeling of fulfilment.
  • This small contribution will actually put someone out of their misery and give a new life.
  • It helps one analyse their own personal health.


So, let’s make it a point to contribute to the act of blood donation on any of our favourite day, like Diwali, Birthdays, Anniversaries etc., as there is no better gift on this planet than the gift of life.

When the blessings of the sufferers will reflect in your happiness, you shall feel that this painless act of needles was completely worth it in toto.

Short Paragraph on Blood Donation

“Blood Donation is the biggest donation”.  

This sentence we usually hear from every donation campaign or hospital. Blood donation has its own importance due to several reasons. 


Earliest attempt which was made for the blood transfusion was in 1490 when a person, who was in comatose state, got blood from three young boys.

blood donation paragraphThe blood was infused directly from the boys to person through his mouth as a result the experiment didn’t succeed and the fate of person and that of three boys was grimed. Thus, no survivors left from the first attempt of blood transfusion. 

It was the story of 1500th century but currently we are living in 21st century which is far ahead from the techniques which were used in earlier time. In 19th century blood donation took a new shape as a breathtaking instance which is saving millions of people. 

Many times, a year you have noticed a red cross in your nearby locality or office building. This sounds familiar to you.  The cafeteria or employee lounge gets turned into a donation center where people are encouraged for blood donation.

Past several years many mishaps were happened which were related to nature or manmade which contributed huge number of injuries and damages. In such conditions blood requirement are highly essential. Whether you are having any blood type, if you are fit and strong you should be confident in donating the blood without any hesitation. 

Reasons for blood donation 

 If you are seeking for the reason of blood donation because you will have to go through certain syringes then these reasons are as follows: 

 Demand is high 

If you are thinking that your blood type is a waste or not in requirement then you should that according to the current population and manmade or natural destruction, more than thirty thousand of blood unites are in daily requirement as for the United States alone.

Majorly blood group A, B and O are in demand. If you are fit and enthusiastic to do something good for your county then you must donate blood at donation centers. Moreover, blood will get regenerated within few months which cover the blood in the body 

 In case of accident 

A person who met with an accident requires blood. It is not sure that how much blood is required as it is dependent on the loss of blood. Like for trauma victim more than 50 units of blood is required. In these cases, our donated blood comes under rescuing the victim.

Hospitals and Blood banks have sufficient amount of blood in case of emergency. This can be a source of life in case of large scale disasters which happens often like earthquakes or hurricanes. 

 New life to a survivor

Whenever some mishap happens, lot of blood supplies are needed in that case. Regular donation can be helpful in keeping the supplies without any delay and this will help the clinics and hospitals if something happens. 

Certain facts about blood donation

 Here are certain very interesting facts regarding blood donation.  

  1. It has notices that blood requirement has been increased deliberately in the states of America which is often after every 5 seconds. 
  2. More than 40000 blood camps are organized across the globe. 
  3. An average healthy human carries blood of 10 pints from which blood transfusion take place for approximately 3 pints. 
  4. The most important blood group is O positive which is carried by 1 in 3 persons. 
  5.  AB positive blood group person can accept blood from any other blood group and these are 3.4% of our population. 
  6. Mostly all the persons who are dealing with cancer, requires blood transfusion daily. 
  7. Less than 35% of young population of America is eligible for blood donation because of unhealthy diet and bad habits 
  8. It is impossible to create or manufacture blood in lab. Provision is with donor. 
  9. Before blood donation. You are checked physically and mentally to make the donation a successful 

Blood donation is not only a communal harmony but as well as humanity act. There were many cases where people of different caste and religions have donated the blood for the strangers as the information has been kept confidential.

This noble cause breeds the communal harmony.  So, let’s join hands and take a pledge that We all will donate blood every year.

This will help the needy as well the poor. Blood donation causes no weakness but just a temporary one. But after that the new and fresh blood will be generated in our body which will fulfill all the deficiencies. So, we all must join hands and help the society. 

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