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Vision and Beauty

We are able to experience the beauty of the world, because we are able to see the beauty from our own eye. The role of eyes plays a very important role in any life form, because any matter for example, can be seen or experienced only through our eyes.

Eyes are the gateway for what we perceive and understand, only when we are able to see something, can we understand a thing in its totality, and we can realize and analyze situations first and foremost by seeing them through our own eyes.

They say, seeing is believing. What it means is, if we happen to hear a word or two from others, we may have our own doubts about their legitimacy, but if we have seen them from our own eyes, we can be sure of believing them.

Blindness alters this scenario completely. A person who is blind cannot experience the world the way a normal person does. They have to put extra effort on their other senses to compensate for the lost vision in their eyes and try to perceive the world from those senses.

Many eminent people who were unfortunately blind have made big wonders in the world and famous names include Helen Keller, John Milton, Madhu Singhal, Tiffany Brar, etc. There are many who use their natural talent, not worrying about their disability and therefore they could make a great name for themselves.

For learning purposes, blind people make use of the Braille technology where characters are present in the form of raised dots so that they could be recognized by touch.

Based on the difference in the dots being raised at a particular point and the pattern in which they are formed, blind people can easily recognize what character they are feeling through their fingers.

What Blind People have in Store

The world is full of bright, colorful matter around us, nature has painted a very beautiful picture of mother earth around us, but sadly a few people cannot experience the beauty by seeing through their eyes. Nevertheless, god also makes for the loss by providing them with special powers in their other senses.

Blind people make use of other senses to perceive the world around them, gradually they become so accustomed to perceiving and sensing things through the other four senses of the body that it becomes a habit and they start gaining something special from them.

Blindness can be in many forms – it could be total blindness, partial blindness, color blindness or night blindness among other deformities of the eye. In total blindness, the person suffers total loss of vision and thereby he cannot see anything from his eyes.

This could be a result of some fatal accident or could occur during birth itself due to genetic disorders. A person with total blindness needs help in carrying out his daily activities and his family needs to support a lending hand to him/her to aid them carry out their daily tasks smoothly.

Different Types of Blindness

In case of Partial blindness, a person could be able to see things at a closer proximity to him, but may not be able to see things at a far distance. Things may appear vague or blurred when he sees something, yet he is able to recognize the presence of a thing in front of him.

This mainly appears in people due to ageing. As people get older, it is a natural phenomenon for the body parts to deteriorate as the years roll down and it could be or could not be reversed with surgical procedures.

In case of color blindness, it is not that the person is impaired and cannot recognize colors. But the primary defect he faces is his inability to distinguish between two colors. Red and green colors lying next to each other may appear as a single green color or a single red color to a person suffering from this ailment.

Even the red color that he sees may not be true red, in the sense that he may vaguely be able to recognize the color but many not be able to differentiate between its contrast colors. This defect could also be from birth or could be due to age progression.

Night blindness mainly occurs in people due to deficiency of vitamin A. Such people may find it difficult to walk around at night times, as they have a weak vision as day light draws to a close.

They may be able to see things clearly in broad daylight, but as it become darker during night time, they may find it difficult to see anything with their eyes, even if they are able to see, it could be a blurred vision. This also happens due to specific genetic disorders, but can be treated.

There are millions of other deformities associated with eye, such as hyper metropia, myopia, cataracts, retinitis, etc. The eye is a powerful organ, it beautifies the world around us, and we are able to see anything only because of our eyes.

We believe in things because we see them happen in front of our eyes, we can talk about things because we have seen them right through our eyes. Whatever we haven’t seen, we would be unsure if they have really taken place or not.

Care and Concern

Such a delicate organ needs special care and we cannot take them for granted. Any cosmetic that we apply on our faces need to be applied with care so as to not touch the eye area. Instructions on brands of creams and facials contain special instructions about the application of such creams and lotions.

Whatever we apply, soap, shampoo, cream or lotion should be restricted to the skin outside the skin area and to never touch the area in the eye. Even if by accident, a small portion of the cream goes inside our eyes, we have to wash our eyes immediately and take proper precautions to not let them protrude the inner regions of the eye.

Every year, hundreds of children lose their eye sight and turn blind because elders do not supervise them when they lit fireworks.

Fireworks are bright and colorful when handled properly, but they are a deadly menace and can cause deep injuries to the eye, sometimes resulting in permanent loss of vision, when handled without elderly supervision or following the wrong methods of lighting the fireworks.

Therefore, we have to guide our children and tell them to be careful when lighting fireworks as they can cause heavy eye injuries, and vision lost once cannot be gained a second time.

These days, eye donation and pledging our eyes for donation when we leave this world are fast gaining popularity among youth. Many eye hospitals have taken special initiatives in this regard.

Charitable centers hold special awareness processions and educate citizens about the need and importance of donating our eyes. The sanctity it holds in providing eyesight to another needy person, when it’s no longer useful to us after we have passed away takes service to a totally new level and many come forward to contribute towards the cause.

Providing eyesight to a needy person is equivalent to providing a beautiful life that was dull and lifeless till now. A person who suddenly starts seeing the world around him, compared to have seen nothing when he was blind achieves a dream that turned true for him and holds regards to the person who made it come true for him.


Whenever a dust particle falls into our eyes, the eye turns red indicating an infection. The redness is caused because the eye senses a foreign particle inside it and the firs thing it does is to get rid of it.

In such cases, we must first wash our eyes with flowing, clear water to keep the eyes clean and get rid of any infection that may be caused due to the foreign particle. Mild dust infections happen frequently in much polluted cities and towns.

Places where there is smog creation due to high level of pollution create blurred vision for riders and drivers leading to accidents, especially early in the morning, so care has to be taken.

Blindness is not a disease or a disorder; it’s a person’s disability to see. It can be overcome, based on medical supervision and timely treatment, but we have to take care of our eyes for their greater benefit. A pair of eyes is god’s most beautiful gift and we must take good precautions to prevent them from damage.

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