Essay on Biomedical Waste

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We live in a society. We live in an environment. We are here to live a healthy and safe life. Our environment is green. There was a time when there was no pollution in the air. There was a time when there were no hazardous compounds. When people were able to intake fresh air, there were trees all around us instead of big skyscrapers.

The world has changed into some other place. The greenery is lost somewhere. The situation has become so unwell and sad. We need to take care of all these things. 

There are various things that lead to pollution. If there was just one cause then it would have been easier to overcome the problem. But unfortunately there are number of causes that lead to the problem of pollution. The list is a never ending list.

The situation has become such that new kinds of issues are coming up. It is getting difficult day by day to manage the things. There are pollutions such as Noise pollution. There are pollutions such as Air pollution and much more. We all live here for our health. We earn money to keep us fine and fit. We eat food so that we can be well. 

Health is our main criteria. But this pollution will never help us to be in good state. The diseases have increased. The problems take place through various agents. There is not proper disposal of the waste. It is very important and necessary to dispose of the waste after treating it.

It becomes harmful and deadly for those who come in contact with the waste. When we talk about the water pollution then we can find this issue there. The factory discharges its waste products directly into the water without treating it. The wastes go inside the river and destroy the ecosystem of water.

It is not only we the humans who gets affected and are concerned about our life and health. The animals are the creatures of God. They are here on the earth to live. Just because they do not have our language so they cannot speak, we can treat them in whichever way we would like to.

This is not at all correct. Their ecosystem gets polluted. They lose their life. They have to go through the problems such as lack of oxygen. Imagine what would happen to us if we get devoid of oxygen. The animals should also be taken care of. 

One of the wastes that lead to serious health issue is through the biomedical waste. At first let us know about what is biomedical waste. These are the wastes that are generated from the medical activities. These are wastes that are generated through diagnosis.

It is generated from the products used in researches or labs for medical purpose. In simple terms we can say that these are the waste products of medical, the hospitals. These wastes are very harmful. This is a current emerging issue. The wastes are not disposed of properly.

biomedical waste essayIt has become very hazardous and fatal. Everything before getting disposed of should be treated properly with care. It may take life of others if not taken proper care of. When these wastes are not disposed in a correct manner then it gets mixed with the general waste. It should be disposed separately.  

The major amount of this waste comes from hospitals and clinics. These wastes come from the blood banks. It comes from the physicians and the research labs. It comes from pathologies and from every place which is related to the medical fields. There are syringes and needles that is thrown every-day.

They should be disposed with proper care. These wastes are harmful not only to the humans but also to the environment very heavily. It creates germs and worms around the waste. There is attraction of the insects and flies around the garbage. It pollutes the air and the surrounding.

It is the same air that we breath in. It is very hazardous. It disturbs the pure ecosystem and pollutes it. The waste generates a very foul and bad smell. The place becomes very bad.  It creates much harm to people who collect these wastes.  

There are these rag pickers who collect those wastes. They are always in danger to come in contact with the HIV infected needles and syringes. They can easily get infected from this AIDS disease which is very fatal.  AIDS is a disease which has got no cure yet.

The poor people may get this disease very easily through these wastes. The management should take proper care of it. This is not right. The hospitals are meant to cure people and protect their life. They are not to infect other people. They should take utmost care of their waste so that nobody is in danger.  

Through these wastes there is also a risk of soil pollution. It is thrown on land. The soil covering that portion of land gets affected. There might be some products that would lead to soil erosion. There might be some products that would penetrate inside the soil and make it infertile.

When these wastes would go into the water it will destroy the ecosystem there. There is also the risk of the disposed products taken up by the cleaners and using it without washing it properly. This is very dangerous. It would infect a large number of people. Then there are these drugs which gets disposed of and sold to the people by the pickers. 

Hence there are various health related problems which emerge through this waste. The hospitals have become the major reason for this.  They should treat their waste before disposing it.

It is for the sake of the environment as well as of the people. If our environment is not healthy then we can never be in proper health.  We should take all measures to protect it. We should have concern for the nature which has given so much to us.  

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