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The world is filled with excellent personalities who have conquered the globe with their talent and achieved outstanding feats. Their remarkable journeys are an inspiration to many and we are often left wondering what it was in them that led them to think beyond the ordinary and draw lines that are far from our reach.

Their thinking abilities were so different, they imagined out of box, they dreamt out of space, saw things and personified them into success.

Success & Dreams

Without hard work and perseverance, they too could not have achieved what they have done for the world. Their ambitions and dreams put together with endless zeal to achieve their dreams led them into thinking and reasoning beyond the common man’s ability.

Their innate abilities to see the world differently made them think and rethink about simple things in a complicated way. We seldom find people with extraordinary talent to never sit idle and always busy or preoccupied with one or the other tasks.

When we see an hourglass, some may claim it to be half-empty, whereas a person with a deep reasoning might call it to be half full on the other side. This change in thinking ability is what makes them find the world around them differently.

With change in thinking, views and perceptions change and with that, every step and every move they attempt start growing in a different way, gradually treading a path that nobody had earlier taken and ultimately walking the world with their unique ways.

Ever pondered about a career in computer science or information technology, then some of the titans and giants in this industry would be quite familiar.

If computers and technology driven buzz words hardware, software, languages, codes, and micro and macro processors are ringing in our ears, then we are quite close to unveiling a pioneer’s name in the same context.

Bill Gates, the man who along with another partner founded the company Microsoft stands tall in the world of computers and is one of the richest men on earth. The world today is thankful to this extraordinary human being for what he founded, led to a series of revolutions in the whole world and largely turned the world itself upside down with remarkable achievements and feats.

Early Life & Humble Beginnings

Bill Gates was born in Washington, US on the 28th of October in the year 1955. Childhood days and memories are wonderful and more so, when spent in the company of good friends. Bill Gates had a similar childhood friend called Paul Allen who became one of his greatest friends in life.

They showed keen interest on similar things, played together, liked each other’s company and became friends for life. In fact, it was this friend who later became his partner in finding Microsoft. Thus, it can be aptly said that Bill Gates together with Paul Allen founded Microsoft.

A New Route Chosen

The early days of Bill Gates were quite different. His career interests were in a different field, but in the family, he was expected to take a different route. Bill Gates’ father was an attorney of his times. Having seen success in his career, he expected his son to walk on his footsteps.

The whole family thought he would share the liking of the law profession, just like his father, and would take to up a course in law just after his schooling. But, the destiny had different plans for him. He hardly showed any interest in the field of law.

Thus, he declined becoming a lawyer, and instead put his mind into his computer. His friend, Paul Allen was also a partner in this choice. They together developed liking for studies in computer and that’s where they saw themselves headed in the future.

Friends & Partners for Life

During school days, Allen and Bill would spend hours talking about their topic of interest- computers. They knew they know something extra the world did not know as yet. They were soon recognized as computer buddies, their extraordinary talent in creating something new was drawing nearer. They saw what they could do with the knowledge of the new buzz word.

Soon, they started their own firm and started earning high dollars and became very famous for doing so. People started taking note of their talent and they were recognized for their talent. They loved computer software’s.

They could foresee what revolution it could lead to and what impact it will have on the electronics industry, when companies start implementing the right practices in the right manner.

Stepping into Success

Soon, they were talked about in big circles, but as destiny would have it, Bill Gates had to face few pitfalls here and there. The ladder of success is not an easy one to climb. The creator also knows what the powers of destruction hold in store. Bill Gates too saw all this happen.

It wasn’t a smooth ride to endure. Ups and downs were common. Bill Gates happened to program a malicious program that introduced viruses into many of the big highlighted programs and that was the start of a big down slide in his career.

The viruses he designed caused destruction into many of the programs and he was sidelined and wrote off by panelists in the tech zone.

Bill Gates had to sail through tough moments in his life and had to carry on with the responsibilities of taking it much ahead than what the downfall sought to give him. He was actually banned and wrote off, for almost a year, before he could begin his journey with computers again.

But, it did not take him long and he could just not resist the thought of staying away from his job. He pursued his passion for writing computer software’s and thereafter began another new journey, totally on a different level and in partnership with his friend for life, Paul Allen.

Bill Gates became strong in his journey after facing rigid punishment for the mistake he had committed, but he had to tide through tough waters to reach higher goals in life.

Bill Gates had been studying in Harvard during this while but after sometime, he had to quit studies out of his won. Tough decisions are sought by a person who stands strong and not blame the destiny for all the wrong things in life.

When life allows little choice but to paddle through muddy waters, it is best to stay put and reach the destination on the other end than to the root stagnant and becomes part of the muddy canal. In similar tense situations, Bill Gates quit the opportunity of learning but started writing many supportive activities with Apple.

The demand for quality software programming labels needed them to start writing programs for Apple out of the formal doors and that left them working for them from back doors. Soon, enough with the capital gained, they could find Microsoft from their own hands in 1975.

Thereafter, the rest of the chapters spell history and it was fresh beginnings not only for the two as good career crafter, but as people hitting the roof with rockets of software’s, new ones arriving almost every other day at the market.

A New Revolution

The Computer giant IBM recognized this amazing talent and called in Microsoft offering them a new project to work on and then began a revolution in the computer industry, unseen, untold and the magic opened forth.

It created waves and ripples in the entire world as nobody had seen such a revolution ever before, it was raw, new and fresh, out of the box. MS-DOS, or the Disk operating system that would easily work with IBM systems and machinery was devised and it continues to be in use till present day when we unknowingly hit our PCs, supported by a hidden power that blooms with his name and has etched many chapters in history.

Bill Gates, apart from his rich professional career has an amazing personal life at home to boast of. He is happily married to Melinda French. A lady who inspires him to work on social issues and causes.

Together, they have three children and are considered the luckiest in the world to have been born to such blessed parents. Charity and donations to social causes form a big part of Microsoft’s work today.

It was a big gift to the world in the dawn of the millennium when Microsoft started a charitable foundation by the name Melinda Bill Gates foundation, which has been working for the uplift of the downtrodden, health care optimization facilities and provides financial aid to the poor and the needy throughout the world and US particularly.

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