My Bicycle Essay for Class 1,2,3 & 4 Students

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My bicycle had always been a great source of inspiration, and was the most beautiful part of my childhood as well as teenage. The learning phase is the best phase of life, which not only makes you to learn how to ride a bicycle, but helps to understand many new chapters of life.

The brand new second hand bicycle, used by the elder sibling is the trend in Indian families, similar is the trend in my family. The very first cycle of my life was ‘Hercules Bravo’, which was at first used by my elder brother.

The another fashion was; that it was promised that if my brother would get those 98% in his high school then he will get that bicycle of his choice, so my elder brother could manage to get that, cool brand new bicycle, but since was the younger sibling could only manage to get, the one used by the elder one. Therefore’ a cycle is a ‘Mehnnat ka fal’ which most of us get for the very first time in life.

The learning phase of my bicycle

Learning a cycle was one of the biggest fear of my life, I always had to request somebody to teach me how to ride a bicycle, either my brother, my father or anybody whom I found capable enough to teach me, I still remember every time I went to learn with my brother we would always fight, and my brother would say you can never ride a bicycle, and on the way more than learning a bicycle, I would focus on how to get my brother scolded by my father.

Those were the sweetest days, which I believe would never come back in my life again. But the fight was necessary with the brother as he was always regretting, that he is totally wasting his time teaching me how to ride a bicycle, since forced by my father, instead he would have gone out to play with his friends.

My brother had been a great teacher all through my life be it teaching how ride a bicycle, how to drive a car or how to lead a life he always have been the best supportive hero of my life. Every day my eagerness and excitement for evening raised, as in the evening I would go out with my brother to learn my bicycle, but the excitement would melt down like the wax of a candle. As the phase was yet to be a hit.

The real learning phase

Well, it gives me great pleasure to describe the real learning phase of my cycle. The blue red cycle, handle like an ear of the elephant, seems too high to hold or too tough to ride. The most difficult part of learning a cycle is maintaining the balance which is further too scary.

Finally the day came when I managed to learn how to ride my cycle. It was my uncle who took this very initiative. He asked me to sit on the cycle and told me that he is holding at back.

And asked me not to look at the back and I trusting him that he is still holding at the back, but actually he was not, and the amazing fact was I knew that he is not holding back and I am riding a cycle, and uncle standing at same place and saying that ‘yes I am holding, go on’ and I am shouting ‘uncle please keep holding’; was something which helped me learn my cycle.

After that for next 10 days I didn’t looked for it was day or night, I kept on riding it all through Old Willingdon Camp, Race Cource. Always wait, if mummy wants something from the shop. When very eagerly going to the shop, eagerly waiting for the evening, so that can go out for cycling.

They were the most innocent days spent by me. The most amazing time spent in my childhood which I know would never come back, but thinking about them is in itself is a great a fun.

The first fall

Without a fall, learning a bicycle is never complete, so therefore like everybody else the first fall was even more interesting, I in my tomboy look riding my bicycle in my own flayer, a speed breaker came in my way and had a great fall, meanwhile a women came asked me, “beta gir gaya kya, lagi kya”, I was embarrassed enough and said no, and the women was like, “to beta ek bar or gir” and everybody broke into laughter.

My bicycle, a great lesson

My cycle had been a great inspiration of life, firstly how to value things in life, the way I developed the love and attachment even to the second hand cycle, it is very important to value things in life, only than one knows how much it takes to earn a single penny in life.

Learning my cycle was itself a great dream than, and never I never, lose hope that; I won’t be able to ride a bicycle, and yes it was the step towards being independent. Be it going for tuition classes or to the stationary or helping mother at home. A self confidence that there is nothing we can’t do in life, though there will be many hurdles in life, but we need to cross them and achieve our small yet beautiful dreams.

My cycle will always be very close to my heart as it was my first step towards in dependency. And one my sweetest memory of my childhood with my brother. Today after my marriage still when I go back home look towards the store I find many things of my childhood kept safely by my parents in order capture our childhood memories.

And when I look towards my cycle it gives me a broad smile on face, and makes me remember of those beautiful memories. Lastly, I would like to say that a cycle is a machine whose engine is human being and hence I love my cycle it gave me great rides of life.

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