Essay on The best fish swim near the bottom

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This phrase is simple to understand that a person needs to work very hard and needs to take all the necessary risks to achieve his goal similar to the best fish which swims near the bottom.

It is well known that there are so many fishes available at the surface which are very easy to catch. A person does not need to put in a lot of time or be patient to catch the fish which is at the surface.

But the fish which is caught from the near surface of the sea is not of very good quality. The fish which is present at the bottom of the ocean or sea will be very difficult to catch and might take a lot of time and the person needs to be very   patient to catch this fish.

But the quality of the fish will be much better than compared to that of the fish which is caught from the surface of the sea. Thus, the person’s hard work will be rewarded and he will be satisfied with the quality of this fish whereas the surface level fish will not give that person the satisfaction of his work.

This scenario is applicable in our daily lives as well. Whenever we work hard to achieve our goals and do not use any kind of shortcut and perform all the tasks while being honest and hardworking will give the best results and also the satisfaction.

A person who uses shortcuts or cheats in order to achieve his goal will never be able to complete the goal satisfactorily neither will he gain the expected knowledge from his task due his half-hearted efforts.

Therefore, it is very important to understand that a person should work hard and be honest to achieve his goal then and only then will he be able to gain knowledge from his hard work and be satisfied with the result.

We all know that students prefer to do all their self-studies and home work at the last moment and therefore, they are not able to do the in-depth study which is very essential to gain proper and correct knowledge.

Now when students fail to study properly and deeply, they will obviously do the surface level study that is, the goal of their study will be only to gain marks sufficient to get proper grades and not for their knowledge and benefit.

Now, as these students have not studied properly they would not get the good score which is achieved by a hardworking student. Therefore, they will also not have the satisfaction of the marks they have achieved because these grades will not help them get a good job or whatever criteria set up on the basis of merit.

In the end, it is equal to no work done even when they had studied at the last moment and passed the exam because the marks scored will not help them to achieve their goal.

This example explains the importance of studying from the beginning of the academic year and not just before the examination. Therefore, explaining that hard work is the secret of every successful mission.

The phrase, “the best fish swim near the bottom” explains the importance of patience which is very rare and difficult to achieve.

This phrase tells us that a person needs to make a decision by thinking carefully and after the decision made, he/she should put in all his efforts and time along with full dedication to achieve it.

If a person wants to achieve his goal he will have to put in a lot of time and also work hard all the time. He should not just give up because hard work is necessary for every goal to be achieved.

It requires a lot of courage to stick to one decision and to work hard for it from the beginning till the end. It will require the person to go the depths of that field to get proper and entire or thorough knowledge about his subject.

It will require patience to overcome all the obstacles as well as proper dedication that is, the goal should be self-assessed and decided on the basis of his capabilities then only he will be able to achieve it.

Therefore, it is important to first evaluate oneself before making decisions regarding his goal or career.

On the whole, it is very important for a person to keep in mind that to achieve the result of the best quality, it is very necessary for our efforts to go to the bottom or the base and gain knowledge from this base as it will help us understand in a simple and progressive manner as well as give us the confidence which is required to continue on this journey.

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