Speech on Are Athletic Scholarships Fair?

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A very good morning to everyone present here. Today I am going to deliver a speech on why athletic scholarships should be considered fair. I request your kind attention and hope you will pardon me for my shortcomings in this extremely relevant and burning topic that I am going to speak on.

I would like to begin the speech with the words of the great basketball player Michael Jordan who said

“Just play. Have fun. Enjoy the game.”

He said this not only in terms of sports but also in terms of life. Just like any other game, in life we just need to play it and have fun with it.

Just like this there is an unnatural similarity between life and sports and this is exactly why sports and athletics should be considered incredible enough and achievement to be able to procure a scholarship into a college or University.

Athletic scholarships are those which are given to an individual either for entry into an educational institution or it might include reimbursement of the costs that are involved in a course of college or University education.

Such scholarships are given to students on the basis of their achievement in a particular field of sports and they are regularly tested so that they maintain their form in that. Usually they need to be of a national level or at least at district level player.

Athletic scholarships are extremely important for the purpose of recognizing and honoring individuals who have made significant achievement and mark in the field of sports. Not all fingers of hand are identical. Just like this not all people on this earth are same.

Many people have many types of different abilities. Some may be good at writing, others may be good at acting, and if you may be good at activities like sports. And in order to truly evaluate their abilities and skills, we need to test them based on what they can do in their particular field of specialization.

We must encourage all sorts of activities and must remember that studies or academic excellence is not the only measure of a person’s skills and abilities. Taking an example would clarify on this statement in a much more vivid manner.

Almost everyone in this whole world is familiar with the great sports management cricketer Mr. Sachin Tendulkar and his achievements in the field of cricket. It was only because his passion and innate abilities for sports was identified and recognized at a young age that he realized what he was capable of.

However, this was not the only thing that was needed. Once talent is recognized, it is like raw iron. It needs to be heated and molded in order to form solid and strong Steel.

Just like this if Sachin Tendulkar’s abilities and skills were not channelized and increased by his family members friends and coaches, today he could have never been the Sachin Tendulkar that we know him to be.

If his parents had pressurized him to take up economics in a detailed and deep away at the cost of his cricket training, the world would have got Just another of those many photocopies of people who work in 9 to 5 jobs and their abilities and skills and passion is buried with them.

However, he chooses the path not taken. He took up sports and sports took him to a level which cannot be leveled by any other human being at least in the recent future in the field of cricket. This instance speaks out loud very vividly the reason why athletic scholarships are of prime importance in today’s world.

Today we need education inclusion. In India there are millions of kids who end up leaving school and not continue college just because of lack of monetary resources. A country with most illiterate and will only make the situation worst taking the country backwards.

Many of these kids who end up leaving college because of financial constraints comes out be National level or state level athletes. Athletic scholarships are the only way is that they can enter college and complete their studies and help in increasing the literacy rate of the country.

There is nothing more precious to our country than an educated man. If athletic scholarships and sports helps us to achieve our goal of total literacy then so be it.

To conclude I would say that being good at a sport like cricket, hockey or badminton is just as equal as being good at the subject like physics, chemistry, biology, literature, language, etc.

Just like entrance exams are held for scholarships, sports trials and test must also be held to identify athletic League gifted individuals and provide the means to complete their college education so that we are One Step Closer to the achievement of a civilized literate and healthy society where everyone is equal and everyone is aware.

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