Speech on Are Zoos Good Place for Animal?

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Good morning respected principal and teachers and greetings to my peers and fellow students. Today I am going to present before you my views on “are zoos good places and why”. I beg your pardon for any mistake that I make while presenting the speech and also wish for your cooperation.

A child is always enchanted whenever he or she visits a zoo. It is the first time when he sees a wild animal in front of his eyes. So many kinds of birds and animals he sees before him and the names of maximum of them is not known by him.

All the animals that he has seen in the channels of Animal Planet and Discovery suddenly comes in front of him in full shape and form. So he looks up to his mother and father seeking for answers.

It is also the first time when he sees birds and animals caged inside bars.  It is that time that he starts feeling bad. He wants them to be free like himself. But who cares about childish whims and wishes?

Zoos are now one of the biggest places of tourist attraction. It is where we take our family and children for an outing. But a question arises here. “are they really good places?” think about it, we can divide this arguments under some good points and bad points.

Positivity is the key to life. Let’s start with the good points then. Zoos are the hot spots, or the most important places which provide an interaction between humans and animals. It is the best place to bring children closer to nature. So close that they can see and feel the wildness of the animals.

Although in zoos there is a separation between humans and animals still the children can learn a lot by observing their behavourial patterns. Zoos also provide an opportunity to create awareness in the people about animals. It is the best place to educate people live.

You can actually show what problems the animals are facing and what we should do to help them. People can be made aware of conservation issues and can used to inspire people to work towards the protection of their habitats. Some zoos also provide a safe home for animals who have been tortured and mistreated in places like circuses. Sometimes zoos bring back the sick animals to good condition.

They act as veterinaries for animals. Zoos also play a major role in research work. They are the places where researchers can observe their behavourial patterns at the closest distance possible. Studies on how to treat certain illness of animals can also be carried out with the minimum effort.

Not only this zoo are zones of entertainment. It is the best place to spend family time. You can come here with you family and spend the entire day without getting tired.

So the advantages of zoos are many. But thinking about the disadvantages of zoo it turns out that it has lot of side effects or rather bad effects as well. When animals are enclosed they often go through a mental trauma. They cannot be normal like they usually are in their natural habitat.

Even the best of artificially developed habitats cannot come close to the originality, freedom, wildness, space and diversity that the naturally developed forests offer. Capturing animals and keeping them caged may lead to the animals behaving uncanny or unnaturally, they might also become mentally ill and stressed.

Some do so because of the splitting up of families. The animals don’t mate, they don’t bear children such behaviour occurs when they are caged, they get enraged.

Some zoos purposely make animals behave unnaturally. For example… what about the whales and dolphins that are made to be various tricks in front of the audience. Do you think they are happy? These animals may live decades earlier than their wild relatives and some also often try to commit suicide.

One of the most important modern functions for which zoos come to a great use are as international breeding centers. This method is excellent to help the rare species to the wild, some of the rare species is hard to find a mate out in the open, or they have lost their habitat or are scared of poachers.

A good zoo will allow these animals to live in a secure environment and breed and give them protection. When they breed some of these zoo-bred species can be released again out in the open to increases the bio-diversity.

I want to conclude my speech by saying that zoos are now the only natural places left in an urban landscape. Hence it is our duty to make the animals to feel at home, make their environment greener. After all who likes to be caged away from home?

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