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Apple FruitThings to Know
Botanical NameMalus Pumila
ColorRed, Green
Rich InVitamin C, Minerals 
Golden Line“An apple a day keeps the doctor away”
ProductionJammu & Kashmir; Himachal Pradesh; hills of Uttar Pradesh and Uttaranchal

Apple is best of all fruits as it is the king of all fruits. It’s juicy and sweet  taste make it worth savoring. Can you think why it is called the king of all fruits?

The answer is the nutritional values that an apple has. It makes it stand apart among the crowd of so many fruits.

So many virtues and qualities a single fruit has. An apple is beautiful, tasty and has a fine fragrance too. It can be grown almost everywhere except extreme conditions. It can be kept fresh for several days. 

Apples comes in different colors and varieties from red to golden and from yellow to green. Its juicy, sweat, fleshy and sour also.

The most astonishing fact is that the apple has the largest number of varieties over the world till date. It has about more than 4000 varieties, even more than mango.

Even though many varieties of mango have already been discovered yet there are many which lay hidden from the eyes of human beings. So many flavors a single fruit encompasses.

It can be cooked, eaten raw or baked also. It is used in preparation of several dishes. Many sauces are made from it. Some of the dishes which are famous include apple pie, apple strudel, apple tzimmes etc.    

Apples are very good for health because of it nutritional content. A very old famous saying, “an apple a day keeps the doctor away “.

There are so many vitamins and minerals in just one fruit that if consumed on a daily basis; our body’s vitamins and mineral supply need would be sufficient.

It helps in digestion and keeps our teeth clean also. No other fruit has so many qualities.

Also, its fibre has resistant qualities against many diseases. Apple’s richness in color is because of the fact that it belongs to the rose family just like plums and pears.

It is rich in dietary fibre called pectin which enhances bowel movement and reduces constipation in the body.

It is rich in Vitamin C. the soluble fibre pectin which is rich in apples helps to reduce blood cholesterol also. It has a flavonoid called Quercetin which helps to fight against cancer too.  

Apples is a pome fruit. Its fleshy part is covered with thin skin which is why it is called a pome fruit.

The seeds are small and are placed at the inside in the center of the fruit. There are thousands of varieties of apple in the world. But only few are cultivated for commercial purposes.

One very important fact about apples that it cannot be grown by seeds. It is very strange that the tree grows belonging to some seeds of this plant but does not yield the same fruit of the same qualities.

To get a particular kind of apple you do not sow the seeds of that plant but instead of that, small twigs of the desired apple trees are implanted in the stems of other apple trees that have healthy roots to get a desired quality of apple.

Such a strange phenomenon this is. So good to see that from one healthy apple tree we can transplant many other apple trees.


Apples are grown commercially in gardens. They need proper distance as they are big in size. So they need enough room for themselves. An apple tree can bear fruits for a period of thirty to forty years if properly taken care.   

Though America is the leading producer of Apple, yet the apple does not belong to America. They reached America via Britishers and Dutch   who brought the apple with them during their voyages.

Apple was already a popular fruit in European countries when they brought it to America.

French were also responsible for spreading this fruit to Canada and from there it spreads to the Atlantic states and America too.

The America’s consumption of apple fruit is very high as compared to the rest of the world. So it can be considered to be an almost national food for them.

Around one hundred million bushels of apples are produced every year in America. The consumption is so high that it has a significant hand in boosting the economy of America.

Several industries have been established in America to make different food products using apples which people are very fond of.  

Not only Washington apples and New York apples are famous all over the world but also the Virginia, Michigan, Pennsylvania etc. are known for their taste.

Several varieties having different characteristics are grown for commercial purposes. Apples do not get spoiled easily in transits so it is easier to export it. 

It is best grown in hilly stations and spots as it needs a dormant period to trigger the development of leaf and flower buds. A new plant yields a fruit in four to five years.  

The Bible has treated apple as a forbidden fruit, the ‘apple’ in Bible is a symbolism of the sins that we commit; the outcomes of which look so tempting at first but are disastrous in the end.

Apple has been considered in the pious Bible because of its juicy and sweet taste. But the apple is poisonous.

The story of Adam and Eve is the story of evolution of the world according to the bible is based on the significance of apple.  

According to the Bible, Adam and eve were the first man and woman on the face of the earth. Adam was created and from his rib Eve was created.

They were placed in the Garden of Eden. The god allowed them to eat each and every fruit other than one hanging on the tree of knowledge.

But someone lured Eve into testing the forbidden fruit ‘Apple’. She even shared it with the knowledge of right and wrong. But this came with a prove they had to pay death and sorrow.

But  god reddened them of their misery and forgave them. This is how the forbidden fruit ‘Apple’ came to be known amongst all people.  

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