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Mother Nature is the governing force of our existence. It is the magnanimity of Nature that life exists on planet Earth. The air we are breathing, the water we are drinking and the land on which we are living are the gifts which Providence has given us in the form of the natural ecosystem around us.

Since times immemorial, lives have been sustaining on this planet due to the exquisite system of the way environment functions itself in order to let lives thrive on it. What makes Earth unique place, are the different layers of atmosphere consisting of troposphere, lithosphere, hydrosphere, biosphere.

It is these layers which enable various kinds of life to exist and thrive naturally. Our ecosystem, along with the animals and human beings, has a kind of a systematic pattern which is followed by each of the organism in order to ensure a balance.

The arrival of seasons, rainfall and other climatic variations that occur in the atmosphere are all meant to keep the environment regulated. Any kind of disruption results in imbalance which results in various kinds of disasters wherein the entire humankind and the animal kingdom gets affected.

Nature has both the capabilities of construction and destruction. Construction is everything that is around us naturally. However, if the natural aspect is intervened, destruction takes place. Be it the trees, the mountains, the air, the air we breathe in get tainted once humans consider it for granted.

The aspect of for grantedness has involved the contemporary debate between science and Nature. The arrival of developmentalism, modernization and technology has made Man compromise with the elements of Nature. The natural essence of Mother Nature has started getting affected and that has in turn disrupted the whole cycle of the environment.

The advent of machines and the advancement in the field of technology has brought a lot of pollution in the air. The kind of air we are breathing today is full of dust particles, carbon monoxide, suspended particulate matter and other hazardous gases.

These are the result of the millions of vehicles, industries and other such phenomenon which contribute in making the surroundings impure. The oxygen levels are slowly decreasing and carbon dioxide is gradually poisoning the lungs of the human beings.

Not only air, the water bodies are also getting infiltrated due to the industrial, residential and commercial affluent’s that are discharged in these bodies. The result is that people are consuming such impurities which further results in the formation of various kinds of diseases.

Due to the polluted discharge, the organisms living in the water bodies do not get enough oxygen to survive. They die of suffocation and the entire water body gets infiltrated with their carcasses. This also causes another phenomenon of eutrophication.

Eutrophication is defined as the process wherein excessive richness of nutrients in a lake or other body of water frequently get accumulated due to run-off from the land, which causes a dense growth of plant life. These nutrients are the excessive of chemicals which are present in the effluents.

The oxygen gets divided into the existing life under the water and the new life in the form of moss and algae which is present on the surface. Thus, there is an occurrence of imbalance for the organisms on the grounds of air and sunlight. In this manner, the aquatic life faces a crisis.

In such a scenario of so much of problems, there is a need of an action which can look into the seriousness of this situation. The gruesome amount of pollution is causing a lot of respiratory problems. The heart and the lungs are highly delicate and are prone to the impurities in the external environment.

This is the major reason as to why most of the people are prone to cardiac arrest and acute bronchitis. We can’t spend our lives by sitting inside our homes. Outdoor exposure is necessary for our daily chores, professional engagement and for our recreation sake.

That is why; we cannot escape the exposure to pollution. Indeed, pollution has become a part of our lives and no wonder we are facing so much of crisis in terms of our health and our living standards. Gradually, we are in the process of paying heavy prize for the modernization which we consider to be our growth and progress.

The various kinds of natural disasters be it on the fronts of land and water both are the result of the overall increase in the level of pollution. The landslides in the hilly regions, the occurrence of earthquakes and the water disaster in the form of Tsunami are the repercussions that the humankind has to face.

All these problems can be understood through the process of global warming which is the most alarming problem in the contemporary scenario. The melting of the glaciers, the aberrations in the temperatures, the havoc caused by the release of the hazardous chlorofluorocarbons are some of the most dangerous signs which need proper attention.

Even when it comes to waste management, it is never channelized properly. The occurrence of landfills, soil erosion, sedimentation and drying up of the water table are all the effects of pollution.

It is evident how the process of disruption is increasing at an alarming rate. There is an urgent need of efforts on the part of the people to unite and contribute in controlling pollution. The best modus operandi which can be used in such a crisis is to face it directly through anti-pollution drive.

An anti pollution drive is an initiative which is helpful in combating with pollution issues by implementing certain rules and regulation which are to be followed by the general public. Such drives are important and compulsory as it is the need of our to face the reality and work towards changing it for the welfare and betterment of the people.

Someone has to come up with an idea in order to bring about a change which can help this planet be removed from the dangers of extinction. Else, the universe is on the verge of getting disrupted. The kind of natural imbalances that are occurring is a proof that it is no more possible to remain complascent.

β€œSwachh Bharat Abhiyaan” introduced by Narendra Modi is one such initiative which looks after the cleanliness of the nation in order to make it a better place to live in.

The program is being followed by the people quite honestly and people are taking the program seriously as well. More and more such anti pollution drives are required to be implemented so that the air, water and the land can be cleaned up and a balance can be created again.

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