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Annual sports day is an event which is held in almost all educational institutions. From kindergarten schools to senior secondary schools, universities and colleges; all of them organize sports day. It is an attempt by these institutions to bring out the hidden talent and polish it to the core. These days even societies and apartments organize sports day to reward recognition to the budding sportsmen. 

It was my last year in Lancer’s Convent and my last sports day as I was already pursuing my senior secondary education. All our friends decided to go and cheer up our friends taking part in the competition. Back then, we never knew we were making memories of a lifetime to hold onto. 

The preparation for sports day had begun well in advance so as to make sure that the event was top notch. Students were called out from all classes for auditions into various races. In our school, sports day becomes more like an inter-house competition where the four houses- truth, peace, love and righteousness keep vying for the trophy.

It develops a feeling of euphoria among the students who turn up in big numbers at the event to see their friends participating and to cheer them. Our sports day is also characterized by performances from the dance club, music club and yoga club as well which actually makes it worth spending hours sitting in the burning ground. 

It was a pleasant day. The weather was windy and serene, just the best for a perfect getaway from the examination stress. Also, we were not sweating profusely under the gaze of the sun which just became an add on to a reason why I loved sports day. 

The complete school was dressed like a bride. It was a sight to see. Our school was festooned with buntings. There were flags all around which elicited a feeling of patriotism as the sports day was held on 14 August, just one day prior to 15 August- the Independence Day.

The sports day was held in the sports ground of our school which is quite huge in size. More than half of the ground was used for the competitions to be held. In the left out portion, students sat along with teachers enjoying the sports day. The seating arrangement was divided into four houses already mentioned above and students sat according to their house to cheer their friends fully. The judges and the commentator were sat on a stage. 

Finally, at about 9 in the morning, the show was put on the road. The say was commenced with the seeking of blessings from gods for a good and a peaceful life ahead. After that, we went for the chanting of out esteemed national anthem which is actually the sweetest melody I have ever heard. It reminds me that I have a duty towards this nation to fulfil and I shall not shirk from it.

After finally seating everyone, the much anticipated program began. The children were so enthusiastic that my heart actually stopped when I saw them shouting for their friends. I witnessed a spirit of competition among the four houses with each one vying to win the match. Even their supporters were challenging each other with their voice levels to prove who was better. 

The first race of kindergarten students began. It was hilarious to see the tiny tots hopping from one end to another as it was a hop race. They were so cute that I couldn’t keep myself from laughing at their antics.

The next race a home race wherein the tots had to do some tasks like picking up small bags, dressing up etc. in the midst of the races. This ended the kindergarten races. After that, we had a performance of the music club performing patriotic songs and believe me the whole crowd was singing with them tenaciously. It was a sight to behold. 

The programme then proceeded with different kinds of races of different categories, all trying to compete to their best. We also had a dance performance by our beautiful dancers. This performance brought out the cultural diversity of India and it was also followed by a patriotic song. This performance was worth remembering and rendered my heart speechless with the talent of my own friends. I was proud to see them performing and being a part of something so special. 

What was special about this event was the musical chairs game. But the catch was, it was played by teachers. It was a fun time to see them running around here and there to catch a seat. The crowd went gaga over this game. We watched their teachers excitedly and supported them with all the energy in them.

I just loved it. After that a game of volleyball was organized by us which was also against the teachers. On one side, there were teachers and on the other side, some core members from the council competed. It was a friendly match and again it was fun to see them competing. 

 A cricket match was also organized. Two teams of eleven players played the match against the each other. One team consisted of players from peace and love and the other consisted of players from righteousness and truth. It was a game of 10 overs for each team. Cricket has always been the favourite game of Lancerians.

They were ecstatic all throughout the game and never stopped cheering. At the end of the match, Peace and love won together and was awarded suitably. 

Then began the prize distribution ceremony. Peace emerged at a top of the game with a total of 159 points succeeded by truth, love and righteousness respectively. All the participants were given certificates and the winners were given trophies and medals by our own Principal Madam.  

The event culminated with the speech of the Principal Madam asking us to work hard in whatever field we desire to excel in. The day finally ended with a lots of memories and a bad throat (because I shouted too much) with a smile on our faces and happiness in our hearts. 

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