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We all are very conscious about our health. We do a lot of things to make our-self fit and healthy. This is essential as well. If a person is fit they have a lot of advantage. Health brings us everything. There is also a proverb which says, health is wealth. This is so true.

There are various ways through which we can keep our-self healthy. There are exercises to be performed in order to have a good health. There is yoga which keeps our body stable and flexible.  There is the maintenance of proper food diet to be fit and fine. 

Coming onto to the food habits, it plays a very vital role in the maintenance of our health. The youth of today are very much into the junk food. The fatty and oily food that we consume on daily basis is very harm-full for our body. The junk food includes chips. The junk food includes the foods from the stalls and many more. These items should be avoided as much as possible.

They create damage to our digestive system. Not only does these junk food are harm-full but also the food which is cooked in our house. The cooked food f our house becomes harm-full when it has lot of oil in it. There can be cholesterol problem. The cholesterol problem leads to heart problems.  

These all were basically the problems related to our health and their solutions. There are various diseases in our country which is considered as a taboo. Those who suffer from that disease not only suffer the disease but also the ill treatment of people around them.

The very famous example is of AIDS. AIDS stands for acquired immune deficiency syndrome. This disease has no cure to it up till now. There are various researches going on in order to find out it’s cure. This disease is a fatal one. The virus which causes this disease is known as HIV.  

Due to the proper lack of education people consider t taboo. The person who is detected with this disease is considered to be harm-full one. But this is not the case. It is said that half knowledge is very dangerous. It is seen in the case of this problem itself.

People do not have full knowledge about this problem and tend to react in their own way which is not correct. It is neither correct on their part not in the terms of moral values. If some-one has been detected with this disease then it is not their fault. It is also there that, the one who suffers from it gradually dies.

Aids Awareness

When anybody is going through that tough phase then people should encourage them and be sympathetic towards them. They should not increase their difficulty and torture them. This is not just right and acceptable. 

At first people should be aware about it. They should know that what leads to this problem. This virus which is HIV, infect person’s body and gradually damages the immune system of the body. The antibody that protects our body and fights against the germs gets weak.

If the immune system stops to respond then or body will not be able to get rid of any kind of disease. It becomes fatal. Every- one should be aware about it. People have this misconception that being in touch with the infected person would cause them the same problem. But this is not at all the real case. This knowledge is incorrect. This is the point they need to be aware of.  

There are various ways through which this disease is transmitted.  One of the ways of the transmission of this disease is through blood. In the case of blood it generally happens at the time of blood transfusion. Blood transfusion is where the blood is given to the needy person in case of accidents and serious injuries.

If the blood is not tested properly before transfusing it then the infected blood will make the other person infected. Another way through which this virus is transmitted is the sexual intercourse. It gets transmitted through the semen or the vaginal fluid. The sexual intercourse with an infected partner would lead to these consequences.  

This virus gets transmitted through the needles. The use of same needle leads to this. The syringes and needles should be fresh and not used. If a mother is infected then the child born out of that mother would be an infected one. The breast milk of an infected mother would lead to the transmission.

Hence these are the ways through which this virus is transmitted. This is wrong to think that by sitting with them one will get infected. The sharing of food or by travelling with them would lead to the infection.

The infected person should be treated properly. The person is already into his worst phase and is aware about the result of that problem. In such case people should not neglect them and make them feel alone. They can be with them. They can encourage them to fight until they can.  

This is the humanity. As a human being we should be kind and help-full to others. This is our duty and this is what is to be done. People should take precautions to save themselves. There should always be the use of precaution while having a sexual intercourse.

There should always be the use of fresh needles and syringes. The hospitals should tale utmost care of this. The blood before the transfusion should be tested with proper care. It is we who can take every measure to save our-self. People should be made aware about this disease and the way it is transmitted.

This false myth should be taken away as soon as possible from the minds of the people. An HIV infected person is not harm-full and threatening. He/she has the right to live their life normally. To avoid them and to discard them is something which should not be done.  

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