Short Speech on Adventure for Children and Students

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Good morning respected principal teachers and all my dear friends. I am very glad that today I got an opportunity to speak on the topic “Adventure”. I am expecting your co operation throughout the time that I am presenting my speech. Also pardon me for any mistake that I make while presenting my speech.

Adventure. The word in itself associates itself with adrenaline rush and thrill. Adventure happens when we get out to know something that is unknown, to see something that is unseen and to go somewhere to discover new things.

Adventure is basically setting out on a journey to unravel the truth to know something that has still not into limelight. Along with adventure the word danger also comes into play. Yes, adventures can be dangerous. But one thing is in common. All adventures are memorable.

Be it small or big they are precious memories. Adventure is something that happens unknowingly. You can never be prepared for an adventure. If you are then you are not an adventurer, you can only be an explorer. Hence no one can predict what will happen the next moment when we are on an adventure.

I recently got one such opportunity to showcase my adventurist skills. I was on my school educational trip to Hampi, Karnataka. The place is a far off from the main city. It is a ruined city. It is a world heritage site. There are rows of mountains made out of big boulders everywhere. The place gives an eerie and spooky feeling just as you enter it.

We went to visit virupaksha temple and vithala temple. On our way return we saw a place where a large number of stairs lead up to some other temple. It was a huge flight of stairs made of stone. It was something like more than a hundred steps. Still after a lot exhaustion, we finally came to visit the temple.

The temple was not as maintained as the other temples, but it looked very grand. Just as we were roaming around the temple, I saw some stairs cut into the face of the hills that was located right behind the temple. It was a big hill made of boulders behind the temple.

I saw that the steps winded in a crooked fashion along the face of the hill and it leaded to the top. At the top there was another structure made out of stone whose only terrace was visible. I thought it to be another temple.

I wanted to go and explore to see what is there. But I also felt a bit scared to climb all the way up alone? Suppose if I lose footing and fall down? Suppose if some poisonous insect bites me?

If I lose grip? But then I thought that I cannot live with the repentance that I had opportunity to go and see but still I didn’t utilize it. Such chances do not come easily for city dwellers like me. My curiosity to see what was there was much more than my fear. So, I set off, filled with adrenaline rush.

As I was climbing up the steps one by one the fear in me started increasing. Some of the stone stairs were in very bad condition. Some were broken, some slippery and some not there at all. But still I kept climbing. A certain type of stubbornness came over me. In the middle there was also a point where the stairs vanishes.

You have climb up the boulders. My heart was beating like drums still I climbed it. Half way up I checked the view. The view was simply majestic. It was breath taking. My friends down there seemed like ants. I could easily see the top now, it wasn’t far.

After some strenuous climbing I finally reached the top. Just as I had thought it was a kali temple. I took a few pictures and the view was majestic. A localize suddenly came up to me and told to leave after some time as it was close to sunset.

He said that the place is frequented by cheetah and animals at night so it is better to start my return journey or else it will be too dark for me to see the steps. I took a few more pictures and with a heavy heart I started my descent. Nothing dangerous happened. I was glad that I could go there without any trouble.

I would like to conclude my speech by saying that it is very rarely that adventures come on the way. Yes, we should not rush at things. We should always look at our safety too. But do not let go off an adventure when it is your grab. Trust me you will cherish the memories. They will become wonderful moments for you to look back on.

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