Essay on Advantages and Disadvantages of Computer

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When we have a doubt about something, what is the first thing we do? In earlier times, one could say, go to the library, or try reading a related book. But now, all we have to do is whip out our phones, or make a few clicks, and an ocean of related information is available to us.

Computers are a huge part of our daily life. We sometimes forget how much we depend on these technological marvels we our daily tasks. But exactly are these gadgets? What are the advantages? What is their significance in human development? Is there any threat or danger to their existence?

Advantages of Computer

It all began, when Alan Turing, invented the concept of thinking machines during the World War 2 era. This was done to decode the cryptic messages between the German armies.

The Germans used a highly advanced encryption technique which was very difficult to decode, as the key changed every 17 hours.
Turing’s machine was a bunch of decoders hardwired together, to try every combination of key at once using the brute force method, which iteratively tried every combination possible till the code is decoded.

Charles Babbage created the first ever documented device which closely resembles the devices we have today. But the early day computers were humongous in size. They used to occupy entire rooms, to make space for all the vents and circuit cables.

The invention of the microchip was the turning point in the age of technology. The microchip, a small and thin card made of transistors and conductors could be used to make the computers much smaller, due to their efficiency. Over the years, chips have evolved.

They became faster and sleeker, becoming more and more powerful.  Now, computer has become highly portable, small enough to be even carried in your back pocket eg. The Sony Vaio. But how have they changed our lives?

The advent of computers multiplied the human development pace tenfold. Calculations that would’ve taken scientists years, can be compiled in a matter of hours. A computer can analyse data at inhuman speeds, it almost seems magic.

Nowadays, a scientists use computers, for gene a sequencing, chemical composition study etc.Astronomers use ultra powerful computers that analyse the enormous data received from the telescopes to study our universe.

There computers so powerful, that scientists have yet to completely understand their true potential.
These are called supercomputers, and only a small number of them have been made. Though computers were first only used for academic and research purposes, computer companies slowly began to commercialize these machines.

These were a less powerful and more cost friendly version of computers. Though they still were quite expensive then, now we can get a computer for a very manageable price. Computers have become a household accessory. A home is smart incomplete without a computer.

Mugs these days are becoming more and more familiar with the computer system. Computers have contributed too many human innovations and marvels. New drug chemical combinations are easily compiled, saving time and lives in the process.

The internet plays a very important part in our daily routine. We connect with our friends, buy goods and scourge for information online. Every single query and doubt can be cleared by googling it. It is true that computers have made life easy, but do they have any adverse side effects?

Disadvantages of Computer

Computers have been used by criminals and crooks of all sorts. From a simple website hack, to information phishing and money laundering, there are multiple ways of misusing technology.

Hackers and malicious agents have been using computer and the internet to co-ordinate cyber attacks on organisations, banks, federal archives etc.

Sensitive information about individuals are obtained illegally, and then used to blackmail them into doing the criminal’s bidding.

Illegal child pornography is circulated using the internet. Drugs, weapons etc are trafficked online using the dark part of internet called the Deep Web, which comprise of 70 percent of the World Wide Web.

There are two sides of every coin, and as you can notice, it is the same in the case of computers. They can be used to save lives, but can also be used to exploit them. It ultimately depends on us, what we choose to use technology for.

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