Essay on Advantage and Disadvantage of Internet

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Today the whole world relies on the Internet. Internet has become the integral part of human being life. It is said that, more than 4 billion people uses internet, such a huge impact on us of internet.

Basically the Internet Service Provider (ISP) provides us internet connectivity.  Though we use internet every day, but still it have some advantage and disadvantages.

The advantages of internet we usually know, we used connectivity to connect with our best friends and family member, do lot of surfing, etc.  Though internet has good view, but it also has bad influence especially to young generation.

Advantage of Internet


  • Internet is being used extensively by students to do research work. Where they would have to spend days in looking up encyclopedias, now the works get done by just sitting on a computer terminal.
  • Online videos are used to support classroom learning. Videos also make lesson interesting for students.
  • Teachers from different schools can collaborate and share teaching resources.
  • Teachers are using emails to communicate with students and parents.


  • Electronic learning is an ICT-based teaching-learning system which delivers content, manages students’ activities and evaluates students through interactive kiosks.
  • Just because of Internet, E-Learning is possible, thus E-learning has many advantages, such as Flexibility, Accessibility, Material reuse, reduced cost.

Stay Connected

  • One of the major advantages of the internet is to enable millions of people to stay connected with their friends all over the world.
  • You can keep in touch with existing friends, find old ones and make new friendships through online communities’ web site.
  • Some popular sites are the Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, and LinkedIn.


  • E-shopping is a commercial activity wherein a customer buys goods and/or services directly from the online sellers without going to the retail outlet.
  • Thus E-shopping has many advantages such as Convenience, save time and effort, unrestricted shop-timing, Auctions and promotions.


  • E-Reservation is a service offered to carry out reservation on the Internet


  • E-banking facility is very useful, while shopping we don’t need to carry cash.

Everything is acquired by the Internet; the life has become so simple, that we can do anything, just by sitting in one place.

For example, if anyone wants to visit any country, he can view the country just by sitting in one place.  Any queries, or any doubt is solved by the use of Internet.

Disadvantage of Internet

Effect on Young Generation

  • Internet is a source of entertainment. Young children spend hours while surfing.

Online Frauds

  • It is possible for other people to tamper with electronic database. Phishing, Identification Theft, etc.
  • Hacking the computers, just because of the power of Internet. You may have heard about hackers breaking into the computer system network of large organization.
  • In case of financial transactions, problems can be very grave.
  • Attacker/Criminals send fraudulent emails to people asking them to share account information.

Online Gambling

Internet human trafficking

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