Why Adult Education is Important in India Essay (552 Words)

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Adult education has been one of the prime concerns of the society in the recent years. Many debates, discussions and arguments have been done on this topic on whether to introduce sex education in schools, whether it is required and its pros and cons.

Contrary to the popular belief, sex education is a process that is prevent among the humans since the birth. Sexual health, hygiene, awareness, reproduction, intimacy, roles of opposite genders and sexual diseases all come under sex education.

Parents are the primary teachers of sex education. From sexual awareness to sexual hygiene, this education begins at home from a very tender age. Mothers of growing up kids teach them the importance of covering their private parts, the difference between bad touch and good touch and also about sexual hygiene.

Parents play a healthy role in teaching kids the different types of relationships and how to respond to affection. Sexual education is a continuous process that begins from birth and continues till one dies. While parents teach them the aspects of hygiene, health and to dress up properly, most shy away from teaching them the science behind it.

The earlier generations were much unaware of sex education and sexual practices as most had orthodox parents and did not have exposure to media, internet and books which are quite easily prevalent today. It leads to a lot of malpractices in the society and the molesting of young girls.

These and some more factors brought out the importance of sexual education in school. As the children enter their teens and experience changes in their sexual parts, the science behind the biological changes should be explained in detail to them in school.

The changes in a man’s body, female’s body and sexual encounters should be explained to them to give them a clear knowledge of the human reproductive process. This helps them in growing up into responsible humans in the society who know that sex is an important part for reproduction.

They should have an in-depth scientific knowledge of the process if they want to have babies in future. Sex education at the right age refrains children from adopting obscene measures to get information.

Since parents experience discomfort in explaining about sex to their own children, sex education is best given by the teacher in school. Sex education in schools should be done to not only make the children aware of the process but to also educate them about various sexual diseases arising from unsafe sex.

The level of sex education should be increased in every class and the syllabus of the school should be so designed that it includes sex education according to different age groups. Higher secondary students should learn about homosexuality and about sexually transmitted diseases. The primary goal should be to help the students mature into sexually active adults.

There is a biased view point on this subject with many who believe that talking openly about sex at a tender age will help them deviate further into the topic and lose interest in their careers.

While a part of it is true as young teens are very curious with the subject, the major part of it proves it to be beneficial only. Young teens can stop molestation, teen pregnancies and spread of sexually transmitted diseases like HIV and aids.

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