Essay on an Activity that made me feel Rebellious

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“Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it” -Rumi

Story of my life

Farhan grew up in a very middle class family and had been thought to adjust in very basic needs but his needs were always big.

He wanted to make million dollar bills and get rich but his dad’s Mr Ahmed ideology always came in between. Like any other dad he wanted his son to get educated and get job and lead a decent life.

As Farhan was growing up his interest in commercial world was also growing, so he rebelled against his father’s wish of him doing science and opted for commerce.

During his days in 11th and 12th the realised that millions of people opt for commerce field with the intention of becoming businessman.

So he started looking for opportunities to gain hand on experience, he got several opportunities through is contact but he always felt that he is lacking something, as if the world conspire against him and making a huge barrier between him and dream.

The journey starts

He kept on working and studying side by side but the feeling of avoid used to always conjure his mind and heart. Farhan went on gaining his Mba from IIM Ahmedabad.

During his days in IIM he though an idea of a portal which can give the facts and interesting trivia about the place while people are on the go. As Farhan was toying the idea of he came to know about Entrepreneur Meet which held by the institute himself.

After knowing the opportunity he thought of getting some of his class mate and develop a product which he found though as people lacked believe in his dream and product.

While he was passing through the alley of this dormitory he saw the pamphlet regarding EM2018 and in the fit of rage he tore the pamphlet from the notice board and went towards his room. As he entered his room he threw the pamphlet on the floor and went to sleep.

Dare to dream

He was startled by his roommate as soon as he got up. Vishal with excitement asked Farhan “dude, are you really thinking of participating in this competition?

What is your idea and why aren’t you registered till now? Raj with his groggy eyes said “let it be Vishal. There is no use talking about it as no one is interested in the product.

I guess I have to work alone on it and market it.” Vishal smirked and asked “what about money? Dude if you participate who knows you win the competition and gain an investor” Farhan after listening Vishal just asked “Are you willing to work with me?”

Farhan and Vishal started working together on the product but they faced a huge problem. They needed a technician and a computer expert who can develop a product.

To make their company legitimate they created a Facebook and Instagram page. Few days after they got few responses on their Facebook page.

While they were going through the responses they stumbled upon Ninad. Vishal and Farhan met Ninad after 3 days since Ninad response, Farhan and Vishal has their doubt about Ninad when they first saw him. Ninad met Vishal and Farhan in a cafeteria near IIM-A.

They soon started discussing about the idea behind the product. Vishal was already impressed by Ninad expertise in the field of technology prompted Farhan to hire Ninad. Ninad made it clear that his service cost money but farhan being desperate complied by the condition.

The company now had three people. Farhan went back to the college leaving behind Vishal and Ninad in the cafeteria to fill the participation form for the competition held in the EM2018.

10 days from the EM2018

As EM2018 was coming near both Vishal and Ninad was a change in the attitude of Farhan. Farhan became very edgy and started losing his patients over small reason.

During one of the days he shouted Vishal over the fact that the article regarding the company hasn’t been upload and also for the fact that the community on Facebook wasn’t increasing.

Vishal and Farhan went on having a heated argument which led farhan saying Vishal that it’s his company and he won’t mind him leaving the company.

After that incident Vishal never worked with Farhan and this rebel cost Farhan is friend and also that one person who believed his product when no one did.

5 days from the EM2018

Ninad finally completed his product and he presented it front of Farhan after looking at the product Farhan became very happy and went on saying that his product is ready to which Ninad interjected that it’s our product and we made it.

After hearing the interjecting Farhan looked at Ninad and said what did you say huh? It’s your product, who said so? Who are you? It’s my product I made it and it was my idea not yours and it will be presented as my product in the competition.

After seeing Farhan’s true colour Ninad said “I shouldn’t have trusted you, in your egoistic nature lost you friend and now you lost me too.” After saying Ninad left Farhan’s room.

3 days to EM2018

Farhan was working on his product but he found to hard managing everything by himself and at times he couldn’t even understand the technicalities of the product.

He used to get stuck on many aspects of his product and because he has no one to discuss his problem he used to search on the internet and never found satisfactory result.

Realising and repenting on the mistakes

Farhan saw the investors and also his competitor, he believed in his product but he was still scared and felt very uneasy.

He saw people presenting their product in team and each of them clearly knowing their field of area. Soon his name was called and he started his presentation and made an impact effect on the investor.

Everyone was delighted by his product and his presentation. After two hours since the presentation he was called in for the question answer.

Singh started his question by saying “your presentation and product is interesting but I am very keen to understand the technicalities of the product” Raj started his answer with full of confidence but half way he knew he couldn’t give an satisfactory answer and he started sweating.

With question coming his way he realised that he has lost the competition due to lack of knowledge in many flied. Mr Singh final question was “are you alone working behind the product?” Farhan wasn’t ready for the answer and for the first time he felt confident when he said “no sir.

I had two more people working with me. I lost them dude to my ego which made me rebel against my own mates. We all know that rebelling against people is good but with my own experience I am saying no rebelling is not good. I not only lost is competition but the people who could have worked in our product and could have made wonders.

In my rebellious nature today I am here alone facing the competition and my competitors are with their group. So when people ask me what was that incident and ask about the activity that made me feel rebellious.

I simply say my whole life I rebelled but I couldn’t keep the track when I went on the wrong side of the road.

After hearing Farhan speech Vishal went on the stage and said “I am the marketing head of the our company and I do all the social and retail marketing of our product.”

Soon they saw Ninad coming out of the crowd towards the stage and said it has the developer process Q2.01 and use Google interface and use the Lithium battery. Soon Ninad went on the stage and introduced himself as a Technical head of the business.

Realisation of the dream

FVN logistics was owned and controlled by Farhan, Vishal, Ninad and they still have an argument but they always bring out good for the company.

Talking about Farhan he is still rebellious but now he rebel only to keep his company at the top and rebel only against his competitor.

So, who says being a rebel is wrong, it’s a simple question of asking on which side of the line are you rebelling.

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