Short Essay on A Visit to the Zoo for Children and Students

December 16, 2017 0 Comment

The zoo is a place where we can see different kind of animals and birds together in man-made environment. It is, therefore, invariably located in or near a city or a protected forest area. I was very keen to see a zoo, and decided to visit the zoological garden in New Delhi.

 It is spread over several acres of land near the old fort. One Sunday, I reached there with my family. There was a great rush at the ticket window. My father bought four tickets and we entered the zoo. My sister and I were surprised see many birds and animals. The birds were chirping in different notes and making a lot of noise.

The ducks swans and some other birds were swimming in the pond. We saw a white peacock. There were two hippopotamuses in the water. Fierce animals like tigers, lions and leopards were roaming in the cages. They looked very scary. There was a white tiger too.

What a pity it was to find the mighty imprisoned in cages! They seemed sad as well as angry at having lost their freedom. We saw black panthers and the snake room. The monkeys were playing by jumping from one branch to the other. Some were making faces at the on-lookers.

We threw some bananas and grams at them. It was a great fun to see how they grasped them at once. A bear was standing on his hind legs. An elephant was eating sugarcane. There was chimpanzee sitting in a cage. We shook hands and gave him some peanuts and bananas.
Now we were feeling tired.

We sat under tree and ate food. Then we went to see the giraffes and zebras. We roamed for some more time and then enjoyed the boat-ride and elephant-ride in the evening, we came back home.
Visiting the zoo was a novel, informative and exciting experience indeed!

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