Essay on A Visit to the Circus for Children (250 Words)

December 22, 2017 0 Comment

One evening, I went to see the show of Apollo circus with my parents and sister. It was held under a very large tent. My father bought four tickets. We entered through the gate and took our seats. We saw clowns and dwarfs siting in the arena.

The show began at 9 p.m. with a parade of all performers. Then a group of men and women performers, dressed in brightly cultured clothes, cycled on wires, fixed on poles. The spectators clapped, as they enjoyed the sight.

The horse riders were the next to follow. They rode on horses and performed feats all around the ring. There were feats performed by lions and elephants too. Clowns and dwarfs made the spectators laugh with their funny tricks; there was a fantastic performance by a motor cyclist, who drove in full speed inside the well of death.

Children clapped and clapped when a monkey came driving a small train, hoists passengers were some small animals and birds like rabbits, cats, dogs and parrots. Some animals enjoyed playing football and other games.

List of all, we saw the acrobats. They were swinging from the root of the big tent. The spectators were clapping at their performance. An acrobat stood on a ladder and threw cups and saucers into the air. He grasped each of them, when they came tumbling.

All the spectators enjoyed the performances very much. I was very happy. I cannot forget that circus show.

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