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Having a birth of human is a greatest blessing in itself. And having your own house to live in, is icing on the cake. But the human nature is to desire more and more from life. One wish gets fulfilled, the other one spring up immediately. Without any waste of time we get into meeting our next demand.  

It’s very rightly said, “A home is where the heart is”. 

Where ever we go on this planet, the ultimate solace comes in our own home. It’s the place where love and care grows. A lonely home appears much dearer than a crowded place. Crowd may be a place where one cannot find someone to connect with, from heart. 

It’s the place where bonds are selfless and priceless. It’s a place where bonding comes of itself as a god`s gift. Immense happiness marks the address of each home. Stay away from home for quite a sometimes and you will start feeling homesick.  

One may desire for holidays to have change from their monotonous lives. But every ever does anyone wish to go away from comforts of home and stray in world. Home offers an ultimate comfortable zone on this planet. Comfort which not even a five or seven starrer hotel could provide. 

Some one very rightly pen down, “Chase your dreams but always know the road that will lead you home again”. 

However successful one may become but at the end of life`s journey it’s the home we all long for. Home, where one could be one own self and doesn’t have to live up to someone else`s expectations. Not only human beings need home, but also animals and birds too need home. To safeguard their young ones and to rest after day long fatigue, even animals and birds get back to their homes. 

Home is man-made paradise. And if someone gets  the privilege to choose the location of this paradise, it would be a dream come true. Millions of people on this planet are homeless. They don’t have means to arrange shelters for themselves. Lucky are those who are bless with family to care for and home to get back to. 

To quote, “Having somewhere to go is Home. Having someone to love is family. Having both is a blessing”.  

Home not only protects us from various climatic calamities but also they provide us the feeling of belongingness. It gives the idea of someone waiting for us back home while we are away from it. 

If given the choice, I would love to live near a river side. The waterbodies offers much needed serenity and peace of mind. One may send hours looking into river and introspecting. The crowd of busy cities and the lust to have the maximum number of luxuries available has taken away peace of mind of people.  

The cold breeze from the river gives the breath of freshness. It’s the ages old ritual and practice of mankind to reside by river side.  During early age, the evolution the human began near rivers side. The rivers use to provide number of resources which were necessary for human survival.

With development of technologies, mankind he became a settler in cities and town. Here there were other means to earn livelihood. Residing near waterbodies such a river became option only when he/she had no other option. 

The relationship between man and river is very old. With passage of time man got even busier more and the temporary residence along the bank of rivers became the address for relaxation. People choose these resorts as favourite destinations for family vacations. 

But I have inclination towards farming and growing fruits and vegetables. The little space my house in my home town offers me, I grow lot of plants in pots. I have quite a collection of flowering and nonflowering plants in my home`s veranda. Looking at the plants growing is like looking at one`s kids growing. With all the care and nourishment one gives to kids similar is required by plants too.  

To further enhance my favourite time pass I have started growing few vegetables to in my pots. It sometimes takes month for few weeks for sapling to come out from seed. But when it does it gives immense pleasure to heart and souls at the same time.  

I feel when growing plants in pots gives so much pleasure how about growing them in soil. That’s why I have much of inclination for river side residency. I will have much needed fertile soil and the water at the vicinity. 

Though hill stations provide scenic beauty for eyes but the soil of mountains get eroded away too frequently. This makes the life of people on hill station is usually difficult as compare to one on river sides. Moreover hill stations get over crowed during peek vacation months, making life more difficult. But the river offers same serenity throughout the year.  

One may come across various kinds of flora and fauna along with the river sides. Different kinds of fishes with come along sea water are things of beauty. If one is non vegetarian type they have handful of platters that too without paying for. The pre requisite for free platter is that you should be a good fisherman. 

Boating is one of the water sports which people living near river side may enjoy anytime. River rafting is one the adventurous sports which have fascinated me always. Living by the river side will offer me with ample of opportunity for same. 

Winter by the river side could be chilling, letting you enjoy bonfires with family.   

Rivers get over flow during the seasons when ices on mountains melt making the area flood prone. But with growing technologies, man may get timely warnings about the same. They may take precautionary measures for same. 

Though life is not very easy along the banks of river but every liking bears its cost. I am willing to give up my life full of rush and hush in towns and opt for peaceful life style of river side 

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