Essay on A Little Knowledge is a Dangerous Thing

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Knowledge is the most necessary thing for every person.

Like we need food similarly, for our brain they also need it. And for our brain main food is knowledge. Our brain is the most active organ of our body and knowledge filled brain is very active. Everyone should attain knowledge at any cost. But having no knowledge is much better than having a little one.

A man having real and full knowledge is always very down to earth and humble. He always believes in giving knowledge to everyone and thinks about constructive things. His main aim is not to make a lot of money but to educate others.

Benefits of having knowledge

Having knowledge irrespective of any stream, and any type of wisdom, in order to formulate or to get a good opinion one must have deep knowledge about it.

Whether it is science, arts, politics, literature, technology, astronomy, communication, economics, computers, law, administration etc or else it about general knowledge, one must have it in deep or full knowledge about it, as in order to speak in public about it— against or for. It is necessary, demanded and needed especially in now going the world where main challenges are on opinions and words have the price.

We should always try to understand the true essence of the well-known pithy saying i.e. epigram. Having no knowledge whatever it is whether small or great is of no use. A man with little education is much better than an illiterate person. It is not because of little knowledge but the egoism of learning that leads to danger a person

Benefits of accepting the truth of having little knowledge

A person should be humble to accept that he is having less knowledge and if he is, then such kind of learning is of much benefit for the society and as well as for him. And those people that take knowledge from experienced or knowledgeable people are not at all dangerous for either society or for him as well.

The importance of the epigram is highlighted below as:

  • The proverb that reminds us to be respectful, meek and humble is “Humility”.
  • The proverb that encourages us to keep on learning things and get knowledge is “Encouragement”.
  • We must really know that where to take strict action i.e. “Caution”.
  • Just knowing a few facts gives us a good perspective about the world.
  • The proverb that helps us to explain which the dangerous things are and who is dangerous, i.e. they have misinterpreted perception of that they know everything.

Actually little knowledge is not that harmful in itself but it passing of that knowledge is dangerous for the society and this causes misleading in the world.

It is a claim or assertion of a claim to something that turns a person having a little learning into a person who talk loudly and foolishly, and this kind of person are always dangerous for the society.


It is dangerous for everyone to rely on little knowledge or half knowledge. It is much better to have no knowledge rather than having half or an incomplete knowledge like a fool one and getting into a discussion where one fool gets a chance to make fun of him showing incomplete knowledge.

And it is always been seeing and found that that kind of people who have half or incomplete knowledge show more that they have very good knowledge about everything which is wrong and dangerous for the society. When fools talk wise people always remains quiet.

And those fools are blinds that their own lack of knowledge which lets them remains in darkness condition for the whole of their life.

They are actually blind because their foolishness covers up their superficial knowledge and this leads to closing of the doors for them for future achievements and learning.

Difference between a wise and a fool is that wise know that where he is making mistake and he is wrong this helps them to enlighten themselves with the use of knowledge by overcoming their negative parts. Wise are a kind of trees which are so down that their shadow and their fruits can be enjoyed by all.

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