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Job, in lay man language, refers to any occupation taken up with motive to earn money in return. But whenever we perform any task assigned or we play specific role for the completion of any duty that too makes up a job.

Not every job a person undertakes have monetary benefits attached to them. Some are part of social responsibilities. Sometimes one has to succumb to other peer pressures.  

Money is undoubtedly a main driving force while undertaking job. It’s not only a force but also most of the time it’s the biggest incentive. In lack of monetary benefits more than half of the world will fall in category of lazy and crazy. 

Everyone has to perform different jobs at different stages of life. The role one play keeps on changing with age and situation. During childhood going to school, learning, reading and writing are the most important jobs of a child.

But once they grow adolescent kids are expected to behave well. With that they should perform various house hold chores along with their studies. 

As one steps in prime youth of his/her age they expect to become productive part of population. Earning and growing socially becomes their prime job.

Better pay pack one earns better human being considered they are. If one is not successful in youth of their life, it implies they have wasted life`s golden period. A successful career becomes a yardstick of successful life. 

People take up different jobs to become successful. Some get into corporate jobs, some opt for their own business set ups. Other goes for low jobs such as that of rickshaw puller, cobbler etc. Every job has its own importance in society however meagre they are. 

Everyone has their own set of preferences for different type of jobs they take up. It’s not only preference that leads people in their respective jobs. Sometime the situations pushes and drag one into jobs they never wish to do otherwise. 

One such job I never wish to do is that of performing house hold chores. I hate taking care of everything for everyone in house. The worst part of doing house hold chores is one never gets due recognition for their efforts.

The more one works the more is expected from them. House hold chores are not a single facet job. You finish off with one thing and the other one spring up immediately. 

If only you are alone in house, then you could realize that there are innumerable jobs involved in housekeeping. These jobs our parents perform without complaining.

Especially mothers, who are housewives or home managers, do jobs tirelessly. From the sunrise to the sunset they are committed to their jobs 

The working members of the family go out to earn money.  Hardly do they acknowledge the efforts of lady behind their successful careers. It’s because the Indian society teaches and forces woman to be a home maker first and then the bread earner. Even if she is working woman she has to take care of her family. 

Few days back my mother had a fall from ladder while cleaning home. The fall led to the ligament break of her knee. It was this accident which made the whole family realizes how many jobs she has been doing alone for the smooth functioning of the family.

She was to have a plaster on her half leg making her almost bed ridden for entire 40 days’ time span. Our family had its worst nightmare as everything went out of order within two days of her being on bed. 

Different jobs got assigned to different members of family so that things could be sought out well. I was to take care of my mother and perform kitchen jobs. As a girl I was supposed to be well equipped with kitchen chores. 

Such a difficult job it is to cater to everyone`s taste. Every member of family has different choice. One would like to eat spicy while other want it almost boiled. My gym freak brother likes non-fried food while father has liking for spicy Indian street food cuisines. 

It appeared to me as if we are family who is living in hotel not in home. Every time I try to cater to one`s taste the other one has issues with it. I realised how tough it must have been for my mother who has been handling this for years. We all throw tantrums on her and she still tries to please everyone. She is never compensated for her efforts and hard work.  

Her job as a home maker is so difficult that even if I wish, I know I would never be able to do so.  Her pains have been gain for all. 

She has been educator, guide, journalist and nurse. Personal doctor at time and my personal press designer at other she is jack of many tasks 

Personal adviser she is whenever we need her expert advice and chef is her second name. I tried making taste food like she does. But years of her experience has defeated my google search of various taste culinary delights.

I tried my hand at cooking dishes after taking lessons from internet but her experience had excel every recipe . Tips and tricks may be read online but exercising the tricks one has to be expert. 

The job of the home maker is the one I have hated the most. But engaging in them made me realize that though the job is very demanding yet quite satisfying. It’s not easy being perfect but trying too is half the battle won. 

I learn the job of a home maker inculcates more patience in one self. It makes you self-reliant and self-dependent. My mother has demonstrated by setting an example how to explore life with zest.

I realized the unique gifts God has provided each of us. Her nurturing us with lot of love and care has blossom in emotional and spiritual growth.  

Though I have downgraded the hatred level for house hold jobs yet I haven’t developed likening for them. I promote hiring cook and maid as better options, for investing your degrees in cooking skills is not advisable. According to me anytime is merry time and let us celebrate life that way if we can afford to do the same. 

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