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For those who are aware of the functions of HR and their activities, the word appraisal is not new. However, in an enterprise with the medium size, the manual feedback and appraisal are possible which may not be the case with a large sized organization. In case put into practice properly, you will come across the least amount of drawbacks of 360-degree feedback.

Nevertheless, human error may contribute to the success and failure of the 360-degree feedback process. Managers, who intend to replace the conventional performance review process or system, encounter a severe resistance. You will find a lot of evidence from companies that happened to be amid the first to bring in agile performance management that indicates such processes and systems may be very much efficient showing extremely optimistic outcomes.

Nevertheless, the regrettable reality is that the majority of the companies utilize these systems incorrectly. While scaling up quality, performance reviews happen to be matched up to a drug. This is a drug, that is not allowed by the health department since it is highly inefficient and bearing a lot of side effects.

 In a similar fashion, a number of organizations are making use of 360-degree feedback having the intention that it can all by itself resolve all worries of their performance reviews. While, as put in place efficiently, 360-degree feedback process can exercise a considerable influence on professional development and employee engagement, it is because of this misconception that a 360-degree feedback tool has failed. Below are given several benefits of the 360-degree process that companies can get from it and its downsides also:

Benefits of 360-degree feedback

Brings people together

360-degree feedback review makes one among the highly valued facets of agile performance management. Just as the name signifies, it offers feedback from the entire quarters, whether that is from subordinates, peer groups, to managers. Since this feedback comes from a range of various sources, it can enclose a huge mix of varying views and perspectives that are considered of crucial significance while seeking feedback. In a way, it can be taken to be highly suitable and objective because it comes from a multitude of a diverse audience.

This type of system makes sure different and varied data that renders the scope possible for employee improvement too high as compared to interaction with a manager. A diverse audience and response base brings to light a range of vital points that can otherwise go totally overlooked. This kind of system as well proffers a distinct chance to expose areas that are in need of more work. Such a 360-degree review is in a position to be integrated into development plans and employee engagement.

Continued feedback can assist shape organizational culture

Each performance review happens to be undertaken founded on some fundamentals. This basic value according to which performance is reviewed on cautiously goes around the beliefs relating to the company. In these situations, in case the 360-degree feedback process is put in place, it may be put to service in a fashion that the competencies represent the company’s vision and criteria for interactions, behavior, and performance.

Such a feedback system, in case, laid stress a number of times in due course of time may be capable of making possible shaping up standards that describe and shape organizational culture. Simply by sticking to these core competencies and allowing them to be an integral part relating to the performance management system, company’s employees all through the different positions and roles can get their feedback review regarding how they happen to act in the case of the following the basic values of the organization in their day-to-day performance. This shall be helpful to inculcate these values in the daily routine of the employees.

Professional enhancement of employees

The majority of the companies are all set to rendering their staff extra competitive and useful with the intention that employees do not feel singled out at the time of investing within their professional development. That is why professional development makes one among the highly vital factors that make employees adhere to one company for long. The 360-degree review process renders it easy for organizations because multi-rater feedback works as a big source of information concerning improvements required turning out the best professional. These anonymous surveys assist employees in comprehending the area they shall be required to work on with the aim to be the ace selves in their work environ and otherwise.

The minimum feeling of discrimination

Feedback got from managers on a one-on-one basis may be interpreted wrongly because it can appear to be subjective and founded on the impartialities of the managers for employees. The anonymous feedback review cancels out this factor because it pours in from a range of people working on different job roles. Hence, the feeling that you are being discriminated against based on the gender, age, race etc. is completely eliminated. The notions that a personal event shall lead to negative feedback as well is decreased.

Drawbacks of the 360-degree feedback–

Unsatisfactory feedback

This point has been named as unsatisfactory because you will find a lot of ways that can render feedback unsatisfactory. As is the case with all reviews, it is possible that the reviews have been edited or filtered in some manner and hence can be taken to be 100% sincere. This can take place frequently when managers shall ask to gather or shall be in a position to access all feedback, though it is not aimed at them. This can lead to people being less honest since they know that their managers will go through it. In addition, people frequently misinterpret the aim of a 360-degree feedback practices. The objective behind feedback is needed to be positive, not personal. 

Poor leadership

In case a manager is not really involved with it or does not show his keenness about the 360-degree feedback system, you cannot look forward to it being successfully put in place. Whatever the boss holds important, naturally invites the attention of the subordinates.

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