Valentine’s Day 2020: Color Codes, History, Date, Meaning, Facts, Celebration

0 Comments February 14, 2020

What is Valentine Day? Valentine’s Day is not a localized festival to any country or region. It marks the universal celebration of love. It in an international festival celebrated worldwide. Valentine’s Day, in actual terms, marks the death anniversary of Saint Valentine. It is celebrated throughout the world on the 14th of February every year. […]

Autobiography of Lion (989 Words) – Essay, Speech for Childrens and Students

0 Comments February 11, 2020

Hello readers! This is me, Ethan. I am the ruler of the forest. My area belongs to me. All beings are subordinate to my existence. I am the lion. I am the majestic four legged creature who is treated like a royalty amongst everybody. I am looked up at with fear and respect. I am […]

Essay on My Favourite Cartoon: Essay on my favourite Cartoon Character Doraemon & Essay on my favourite Cartoon Character Chhota Bheem


My favourite cartoon Doraemon My favourite cartoon is Doraemon.  Doraemon is a cat, who arrives form 22nd century to help Nobhita. Doraemon is the best friend of Nobita; Nobita always cries and come to Doraemon for help.  The cat has many gadgets, and Nobita take advantage of it. Nobita’s friends Jiaan and Suniyo always bit […]

Essay on Mountains (1323 Words)

0 Comments February 9, 2020

Mountains are really very beautiful and refreshing landscape to look at. Speaking in the geographical terms, mountains are highly elevated part of land. They attain greater height as compared to surrounding land. Mountains are one of the most prominent feature of the Earth’s landscape. They symbolize perfection, success, strength and many other positive traits. The highest tip of […]

Republic Day (26th January) Speech for Students


Republic Day Essay and Speech (250 words)   Good Morning to one and all present here. I welcome the honorary dignitaries present on stage. A warm welcome to the honorary chief guest of the day, our school principal, the management, staff, non-teaching staff and students. Today on 26th January 2020, we are celebrating the 71st Republic Day of our nation. […]

Build a Great India Essay – Long Essay of 600 Words

0 2 Comments February 5, 2020

India is a land of diversities – in culture, religion, cuisine, demographics, and much more. However, throughout the annals of history, we can see that the country has witnessed insurgencies on the basis of religion, region, and economic status. As an Indian, you would have wondered, at least once in your lifetime, whether it is […] hosts an extensive collection of essays for students. Here, you can find short paragraph write-ups and speeches, apart from essays in English. Browse through our collection of holiday pages to learn about the history of national holidays in India.

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